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Prince William County Demerit Point System

When a person is cited for a traffic violation, they typically incur points on their driver’s license. This could substantially reduce a driver’s good standing in the eyes of the law. To learn more about the Prince William County demerit point system, consider speaking with a lawyer who understands such point incursions. Call today and schedule an appointment with a dedicated traffic lawyer to begin discussing your potential legal options.

Distribution of Demerit Points

The Prince William County Demerit Point System is an administrative point balance system designed to classify and incentivize the quality of an individual’s driving behavior. The system typically applies to anyone who is convicted of a traffic offense inside of Virginia, regardless of where that person may be licensed at the time of the offense.

The amount of demerit points a traffic offense will carry towards a driver’s point balance with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (“DMV”) is typically completely dependent on the Code Section or Subsection that the offense is codified under. The DMV has designed different demerit points to different offenses, and these are inflexible assignments regardless of the circumstances of how the alleged offense was committed. Generally speaking, the more serious the type of offense it is, the more demerit points it will carry.

General Time Frame Demerit Points Will Remain on a License

Demerit points will often remain on a person’s Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle (“DMV”) balance for two years from the date an offense was committed. If a person is licensed in another state which acknowledges Virginia driving convictions but has a different point system, the length and number of the resulting demerit points may vary.

Possible Legal Consequences for Excessive Demerit Points

When a driver accumulates any demerit points, their automobile insurance policy will likely become more costly than it was before. Regardless, there is no limit to the number of demerit points a person can accumulate with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle (“DMV”).

If a driver accumulates too many points too quickly, the DMV can place that person on either administrative driver probation or can administratively suspend a person’s privilege to drive for a period of months. It is also worth noting that the more demerit points a person has on their record, the worse the outcome or sentence will be if they are facing new or pending charges in court.

How Positive Points May Influence a Person’s License

For each year that a validly licensed Virginia driver goes without any traffic offense convictions, a positive point will be added to their point balance. In addition, successful completion of the Virginia Driver Improvement Program, which is Virginia’s generally approved driving class, will add five positive points to a person’s balance.

Potential Impact of Infractions Committed in Other Jurisdictions

If a person is licensed in Virginia but commits a traffic offense in another jurisdiction, Virginia will usually attempt to penalize that driver with a category of demerit points that most closely matches the interstate offense. This is difficult to predict or determine because every jurisdiction does not have an interstate agreement with Virginia regarding demerit points and reporting infractions.

Learn About the Demerit Point System in Prince William County with a Skilled Attorney

There are multiple ways the Prince William County demerit point system could place a driver at a disadvantage and even jeopardize a person’s ability to maintain a valid license. If you or a family member were accused of a traffic offense and incurred demerit points, consult a reliable attorney who understands the impact of traffic violations on a license in Prince William County. Reach out today and arrange for an appointment to start reviewing your potential legal solutions.

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