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Importance of Hiring An Attorney For a Traffic Case in Prince William County

The following is taken from an interview with a Prince William County traffic lawyer as they discuss the importance of hiring an attorney for a traffic case in Virginia, and what an attorney can do for you. To learn more or discuss your case in more detail, call and schedule a consultation today.

If you are facing a traffic charge in Prince William County it’s important to seek an aggressive Prince William County traffic lawyer who can make a difference in your case. An experienced attorney can make a difference at every phase of representation from the beginning, when the attorney is gathering information from the client, to the next steps where the attorney is gathering information from police and prosecutors, all the way to where plea agreements are being negotiated and trial of the case is taking place.

By being aggressive from start to finish, and leaving no stone un-turned, a traffic lawyer can give you the best opportunity to have your charge reduced or dismissed.

Importance of Experience When Hiring An Attorney

When hiring an attorney experience is important because while the law in Virginia is the same throughout the state, practices vary from locality to locality. In addition, personalities of the various officers, prosecutors, and judges, their views on certain kinds of traffic cases as well as the common tactics that they use are particular to Prince William County. An experienced Prince William County traffic lawyer will know what these tactics are, will know the disposition of the judges on various issues, and will use that experience to give their client the best opportunity to have their charge be reduced or dismissed.

What Can A Prince William Attorney Do For An Out of State Driver?

An out-of-state driver who’s facing a serious traffic offense in Prince William County should definitely consult with an aggressive, experienced, local Prince William County traffic lawyer. There are very significant potential ramifications and penalties under Virginia law if a person is convicted of a serious traffic offense, even though they are not a person who resides in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

These penalties include fines, incarceration, as well as potentially the suspension of the person’s out of state driver’s license when their home state finds out about the Virginia conviction.

How a Prince William Traffic Lawyer Can Protect Your Driving Privileges

A Prince William County criminal lawyer can help protect your driving privileges by understanding which of the many charges under the Virginia code can trigger a license suspension. They can assist by knowing what alternative charges are, how best to defend the cases and by knowing the common tactics of the police and prosecutors as well as the disposition of the judge in certain kinds of cases.

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