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How a Richmond DUI Impacts a Person’s Life

A DUI can have a very detrimental impact on a person’s life. Not only does it have an impact on an individual’s criminal record, but a conviction will also result in a license suspension. The DUI will also require counseling, which will be costly with increased insurance rates resulting from the incident. In addition to that, a person may encounter issues with employment, especially if they are required to get background checks or are required to drive as part of their employment. Given the serious impact a DUI arrest can have on a person’s life, it is advisable for someone facing these charges to consult with a Richmond DUI lawyer who can help contest the charges, and perhaps mitigate the penalties.

Informing an Employer About a DUI Charge

Depending on what a person does for a living, their employer may find out about their DUI arrest. If the individual is a teacher, for example, or if the individual is required to drive for their job, their employer will very likely find out about the arrest. The best thing to do if a person’s employer confronts them about the arrest is to advise them that legal counsel has been obtained in an attempt to get the matter resolved.

Impact of DUI Arrest on Driving Privileges

A DUI can impact a person’s ability to get a license in another state. If their license is suspended in Virginia, they will not be able to get a license in another state.

An individual’s insurance company, in most cases, will find out about the arrest. An administrative suspension goes into effect immediately after a DUI arrest, which can be anywhere from seven to sixty days, and the insurance company will be notified. If a person’s insurance company does contact them regarding the suspension, the person can provide them information about the charges, but it is usually not wise to make any statements or discuss it any further until the matter is finalized with the help of an attorney.

Richmond DUI Arrests for Out-of-State Drivers

In most cases, a person from out-of-state accused of a DUI in Richmond can return home, but it is dependent on the terms of their bond. In many cases, the bond will limit the person’s ability to leave the state and/or the country, due to the uncertainty of the person returning. An individual’s attorney can petition to have the terms of the bond amended to allow him or her to leave the state or the country for at least a temporary period of time.

Information to Provide a Lawyer During Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation with a potential client, a DUI lawyer is going to want a copy of all of the individual’s summons, a copy of all the documentation received regarding the charge, and a copy of the documentation regarding the terms and conditions of the bond so they can assure their client complies with it. The attorney will also want information about any pretrial requirements that have been set by the court. The more information a person can provide their lawyer, the better.

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