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Impact of a Richmond DUI on Car Insurance

When someone is charged or convicted of a DUI in Richmond, it can have a significant impact on their insurance. A DUI conviction can easily result in a rate increase. It can also potentially result in the need for special high risk insurance, or even in the insurance company dropping their coverage all together. Both options can seriously complicate a person’s ability to drive, so it is essential that a person fully understands the consequences to their insurance following a charge and potential conviction. A person facing a DUI charge, and potential conviction, in Richmond, should consider how their insurance may be affected. They may wish to consult with a local DUI lawyer who can handle the case, and also determine the possible effects on the driver’s insurance. Through fighting the charges it may be possible to limit or even eliminate the insurance penalties.

Different Ways Charges and Convictions Impact Insurance

If a person is charged with a DUI, their insurance could be canceled, depending on the carrier. If the insurance carrier receives a notification of administrative suspension, in some cases they will cancel the person’s insurance coverage or increase their fees.

If a person is convicted for DUI, under Virginia law, they will be required to obtain what is called SR-22 insurance, typically for a minimum of three years. This high-risk insurance is more expensive, so the individual will typically be required to either amend the terms of their policy or change insurance carriers to one that can provide them with that insurance.

A person’s insurance can drop them from coverage if they violate the terms and conditions of their insurance policy. If the insurance policy has provisions about DUIs, license suspension, or point accumulation, the person’s insurance carrier can cancel their coverage when these conditions are breached.

Ways an Attorney Can Help Protect Your Insurance

If an individual is concerned about a conviction, it is important to contact a local DUI lawyer for a number of reasons. Education about the DUI laws in Virginia, as well as how the city of Richmond treats these types of cases, is essential in preparing a defense for a case. Speaking with an attorney will help an individual understand how to mitigate the possible punishments he or she may face.

The main way a DUI attorney can help protect an individual’s insurance and their insurance rate is by attempting to get their charge reduced or dismissed. If they can get the DUI charge reduced down to simply a driving charge, for example, that can have a significant impact on how the insurance company treats the matter and potentially result in the individual not needing a high-risk or elevated policy.

Typically, Richmond attorneys do not need to review insurance information for an initial DUI consult. However, if the case involves an accident, injury, or property damage, it is usually beneficial to bring in information confirming that the individual has insurance and what type of policy it is.

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