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Payment Plans for Virginia DUIs

Being accused of a crime, or even being under investigation for committing a crime, is very likely an unexpected experience and most certainly a confusing, distressing, and burdensome one. One of the most unpleasant aspects of the ordeal is the daunting prospect of having to navigate through the legal process, especially if you feel alone in such an undertaking. That is why our attorneys are here.

Our team tirelessly strives to achieve two goals: first, to secure the most positive outcome possible to reduce the effect of the case on your life, and second, to make your life as manageable and bearable as possible while the legal proceedings occur. That is why our Virginia DUI defense attorneys have payment plans we can offer to our clients.

Payment Plans Are Available

It is true, our legal fees are competitive. Nonetheless, we also understand that lump-sum payments may not be possible for every person, or even if possible, may be a disagreeable imposition on your financial situation. In such cases, we are happily willing to work with our clients to find and implement a payment plan structure that minimizes the financial strain on our clients while granting them the resources they need to keep afloat while our attorneys handle the legal aspects of the case during such a difficult process.

Why Do We Offer Payment Plans?

One of the goals we have established as a firm is to ensure our clients’ lives retain a quality of normalcy throughout the legal process, while our attorneys battle against the charges that challenge our clients’ freedom. Although our primary service is the legal advocacy to help our clients avoid a conviction, we also provide the option of payment plans with the same objective in mind: lessening our clients’ burdens.

Many of the other firms have a strict requirement of up-front, lump-sum payments for legal services. Although we encourage you to research other firms and lawyers to find the right fit for you, we also consider it a cause of undue stress and impaired focus for a client to split his attention between the difficult ordeal involved in one’s defense and desperate, time-consuming efforts to raise money all at once. With the payment plans we provide, our clients are able to stay focused on the important task at hand— their defense.

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