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Importance of Contacting An Attorney For a DUI Case

If you have been charged with a DUI in Virginia, it is likely in your best interest to contact an experienced attorney who is familiar with state laws and knows how to build the most effective defense possible. Call today to schedule a consultation with a Virginia DUI lawyer and discuss what they can do for you and your case.

Why Should An Individual Contact An Attorney For a DUI Case?

Many reasons. An individual should contact a DUI attorney at their first opportunity when they are charged with DUI. There’s not going to be an opportunity during the course of the investigation at the roadside in most cases to contact a lawyer.

As soon as the person has received their arrest warrant and has been discharged from jail, or if they are still in jail and they have an opportunity to make a phone call, at their very first opportunity, they should either contact a lawyer or have friends or family members contact a lawyer.

The reason for that is there is a lot of investigation which can be done even early. There is a lot of tactical analysis to be done by the attorney early on the case. And there are a lot of things that a lawyer can do to help the person charged with a DUI. The sooner that process begins, the better chance of success that they’re going to have.

There are also proactive things, in many cases, that the person can be doing prior to their trial, which if someone contacts an attorney on the eve of the trial they’re simply not going to have the opportunity to do. And it’s important that people find out what those things are early in the process.

Can You Get a Lawyer For a Prince William County Bond Hearing?

Yes. in cases where a person is not initially admitted to bail by the magistrate judge, and this often involves certain kinds of serious charges where there is presumption that a person should not get bail, they will often be held, and then a bail determination will be held by the General District Court judge rather than be granted by the magistrate judge.

If a person were to be charged with a felony DUI, which in Virginia a third DUI or subsequent, or if they were charged with a felony drug offense, or if they were charged with really any felony or any violent crime, they might be denied bail initially by the magistrate judge.

A person can hire a lawyer for the specific purpose of asking the court to admit them to bail, which most often is going to include the posting of the bond.

In many or most cases, an individual will hire a counsel to do the bond hearing or bail hearing, in addition to representation on the underlying charges. But the person need not hire a lawyer to do both things. They can certainly hire them just to do the bond hearing.

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