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Prosecutors and juries take Virginia third DUI charges very seriously. When facing such a charge you have every right to be nervous. When it feels like no one in the system has your best interests in mind, our experienced attorneys can offer you the help and support you need.

Please contact a Virginia DUI defense attorney with our firm for more information, or call our law offices to schedule a free consultation, especially if this is your third Virginia DUI.

How a DUI Defense Attorney Can Help

The events leading up to every DUI charge are unique. As such, your defense strategy should be custom crafted based on your own unique circumstances. When you work with a DUI lawyer who can bring the full resources of a private law firm to bear on your case, this sort of personalized approach is possible.

The following page provides a general overview of Virginia third DUI charges, but you can get a much fuller picture of your legal options by calling our law offices today and completing your free initial consultation.

Third DUI Penalties in Virginia

The penalties associated with a Virginia third DUI charge are quite serious and not something you want to take lightly. This is a felony charge and the consequences of such a conviction are long lasting. Although no two cases are the same, the following represent some of the possible penalties for a third Virginia DUI (see § 18.2-270):

  • Mandatory minimum six months in jail (90 days if prior convictions are more than five years old)
  • Driver’s license revocation
  • Minimum $1,000 fine
  • Vehicle forfeiture

A Virginia third DUI offense is also accompanied with an indefinite driver’s license revocation. Down the road, you can petition the court to have your license reinstated, though these requests are not always granted.

If your request is granted, however, you will likely be required to use an ignition interlock device on your car. This will require a breath test every time you get behind the wheel, and you will be limited in the places you can drive to and from.

Common DUI Defenses

Even if this is your third DUI charge, there are still several defenses that your Virginia DUI lawyer can present on your behalf, such as:

  1. Challenging the DUI stop itself and the roadside sobriety test
  2. Challenging the results of the BAC test
  3. Presenting alternative theories on the perceived impairment

Fight Your Virginia Third DUI Charges

There is no doubt that Virginia takes third DUI offenses very seriously. A felony record can have a hugely negative impact on your personal reputation and professional reputation. It can affect your ability to obtain and maintain employment and impact your ability to find housing, among other things.

When facing penalties like these, strong legal representation is absolutely essential. This can help minimize the impact that these charges will have on your future.

Contact the DUI defense attorneys at our Virginia law firm today to learn how we can help your case and build the strongest possible defense for you.

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