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DUI Classes and Victim Impact Panels in Alexandria

When someone is convicted of a DUI in Alexandria they are required to attend an alcohol education program. The Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program is the court required program and it is offered in Alexandria. This course is mandatory for anyone with a DUI conviction. Consult with a DUI attorney in Alexandria about the different options and possibilities concerning DUI education and panels.

DUI Courses in Alexandria

An individual can pre-enroll in any ASAP program and be given credit for the classes if they are eventually convicted and required by the court to attend.

The Alcohol Safety Action Program utilizes various materials. Once enrolled in the Alcohol Safety Action Program a case worker will conduct an evaluation interview and determine whether or not intensive counseling is needed. Otherwise, 10 weekly education sessions are required.  Each session is two hours long.

There are no DUI courses available online. In Alexandria, a DUI conviction requires participation in an Alcohol Safety Action Program class, which are not available online.

The DUI education programs are run by the city of Alexandria’s Sheriff’s Office. The Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) is a separate commission. However, the VASAP is funded by the State and is part of a City mandated program.

Traffic School

Traffic school is not the same thing as a DUI education program. A DUI education program is specifically developed to address the alcohol and substance abuse portion of a DUI conviction. The Alcohol Safety Action Program focuses on substance abuse. Traffic school usually addresses general driving education, so it will not meet the requirements for alcohol education after a DUI.

Victim Impact Panels

A Victim Impact Panel is a program that is designed to impart basic safety awareness for people convicted of a DUI or DUID. The Victim Impact Panel is a group of victims of DUI crimes who tell their own stories of how DUI drivers changed their lives and what kind of negative effects DUIs had on their lives. The purpose of these panels is to give somebody convicted of a DUI the perspective of how their actions can affect the community.

Victim Impact Panels are usually used as a post-conviction term of probation or term of the ASAP program in DUI cases. They are used as a deterrent, hoping that the victim’s stories will prevent the individual from driving under the influence in the future. These panels help the driver reflect on the charge that they were convicted of.

Victim Impact Panels are sponsored by the government; but are often organized by various non-profits, including the Mothers Against Drunk Driving or the MADD program. They organize many Victim Impact Panels across the Northern Virginia area. Other programs that sponsor Victim Impact Panels are available to ASAP as well.

There are Victim Impact Panels in the Alexandria. In Alexandria DUI cases, meeting with the Victim Impact Panel is something that will happen after the individual’s conviction as part of their ASAP program. The ASAP program sponsors the Victim Impact Panels to come in and speak with individuals who are convicted of DUI. The terms are always set on a case by case basis, but if someone’s ASAP officer recommends meeting with the Victim Impact Panel, it will almost certainly become part of their probation.

Length of Programs

Commonly, the programs are at least a few hours long. The ASAP sponsors one panel or a series of panels, where the individual will listen and allow different victims affected by DUI to speak about their experiences. Generally, the scheduling of the panels varies, it depends on the ASAP program and on the schedule of the local Victim Impact Panel.

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