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DUI Without a License in Alexandria

While receiving a charge for a DUI without a license in Alexandria may be a daunting situation, know that you do not have to face it alone. A professional criminal defense attorney can work protect your rights by scrutinizing the prosecution’s arguments, countering with a strong defense strategy, and acting as a powerful advocate on your behalf. You may need an experienced lawyer on your side because driving without a license and driving under the influence are two separate charges in Virginia, potentially resulting in significant penalties after a conviction. Read on to learn more about receiving a DUI without a license in Alexandria, as well as the ways a qualified lawyer could work to make a difference in your case today.

How Does Driving Without a License Affect a Case?

In Alexandria, driving without a license when charged with a DUI impacts the case because a driver will face much more serious consequences. They will be given two charges instead of one and could receive negative sentences from both situations. In Virginia, driving without a license is a separate offense, but both are considered misdemeanors under state law.

If an individual is driving without a license because their license was revoked due to a DUI conviction, that is a separate offense and much more serious than simply driving without a license. Depending on the facts of someone’s particular case and on their criminal history, they will be charged with one other charge at the very least, but they could potentially receive the more serious charge of driving with a revoked license, which carries much harsher penalties.

License Revocation as an Aggravating Factor

Driving without a license will be an aggravating factor to one’s charges. Not only is it a separate charge that the driver will have to deal with, but it also carries separate penalties. It is also a separate misdemeanor, so it is another criminal charge that a defendant could potentially have on their record. Driving without a license because of a DUI-related revocation or suspension is something that would aggravate another pending DUI charge. Reach out to a qualified defense attorney to learn more.

Driving on a Suspended License

Driving on a suspended license yields a similar situation. Depending on why one’s license was suspended, it could result in harsh penalties. At the least, it would be another misdemeanor charge. In Virginia, there are separate charges for not having an operator’s license, driving without a license, driving with a revoked license due to a DUI, and driving with a suspended license.  All of these are separate charges, and depending on the facts of one’s case, someone could be charged with any of these offenses. Unlicensed driving and DUI charges will be heard at the same time if they are from the same arrest date. If they were from the same incident, they will be heard at the same time when an individual goes to trial.

Contact an Alexandria DUI Attorney

If you have received a DUI without a license in Alexandria, consider reaching out to a professional attorney as soon as possible for legal representation. A lawyer with experience in fighting for cases involving a DUI without a license in Alexandria can fight for your rights today.

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