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Fairfax Demerit Point System

When people lose points from their license, the adverse effects are often long-standing. Insurance premiums rise, and, with enough of a loss, a license could be suspended. The Fairfax demerit point system does, however, allow for drivers to accumulate a positive number of points per every good year without incident.

If you are unsure about your driving record or if you are facing moving violation charges, reach out to a dedicated traffic lawyer who could help you.

A Summary of the Virginia Point System for Drivers

Virginia follows a somewhat unique system when it comes to tracking drivers and their offenses. Contrary to many states, Virginia allows drivers to accrue points over time, which is seen as a positive. A driver is allotted a total of five positive points on their license. Only when a driver commits a traffic violation are points stricken from their accumulated totals. In short, the Virginia DMV applies negative points for certain traffic offenses and traffic-related crimes.

Accumulating Positive Points

Drivers can accumulate good points on their licenses by driving without receiving any traffic offenses. They get one positive point per year for good driving behavior. They can also accumulate good points on their driver’s license in Virginia by taking certain DMV-approved driver improvement courses that apply five positive points to their driver’s license.

Does a Driver’s Point Balance Have a Long-Term Impact?

A driver’s point balance does have a long-term impact on their driving record and potentially on their insurance premium. Insurance companies look at someone’s driving record including their point balance when determining whether that person is a risk and deciding what premium they will charge to that person to provide them with insurance. If they lose a number of points, their insurance would be notified and that could potentially increase their insurance payment.

Are Points Applied or Stricken by the Courts?

The court system does not assess points. Points are only assessed by the DMV. When someone is convicted of a traffic-related crime or traffic infraction in Fairfax, they face the statutory penalty for that offense, but points are applied collaterally by the DMV. Judges have no ability to change, reduce or affect the point system in any way. However, prosecutors take into account the collateral consequences of a particular traffic offense when negotiating plea agreements. Having an attorney at your side who knows those collateral consequences can greatly increase your chances of leaving the courthouse with the best possible outcome.

Does the Uniform Point System Apply to Out of State Drivers?

The Virginia uniform demerit point system does not apply to out-of-state licenses. However, some states take into account what traffic infractions or crimes a person has committed and apply their own point system to those infractions or crimes.

Challenging a Loss of Points

An individual cannot challenge the points that are assessed to their license after they have already been convicted of the infraction or the crime. The best way to avoid any points being assessed to someone’s license is to challenge the traffic infraction or crime itself in the court system.

Learn More About the Fairfax Demerit Point System from a Lawyer

Whether you are facing a traffic-violation charge or are interested in learning more about the Fairfax demerit point system, then you should speak with an attorney. Legal professionals could clear up any misconceptions or could work hard to help you fight allegations of driver misconduct. Call today.

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