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Fairfax Uniform Demerit Point System

The following is taken from an interview with a Fairfax traffic lawyer as they discuss the uniform demerit point system, what it means for your license, and when points are added. To learn more or prevent points from being added consult with an attorney today.

What Is The Uniform Demerit Point System?

The uniform demerit point system is what Virginia uses to assess demerit points on Virginia driving licenses. The department of motor vehicle has assigned a certain number of points for each offense with the list available online. Demerit points last two years on your driving record and the convictions themselves will be listed for a differing number of years depending on what the charge is. If you accumulate too many points, then this is cause for your driver’s license to be suspended. In Virginia, too many points is when drivers get 18 points within a year or 24 points within two years.

Jurisdictions outside of Virginia have their own demerit point systems, so Virginia’s point system does not apply to out of state drivers nor does Virginia apply out of state demerit point systems in Virginia.

Does The Demerit Point System Apply To People Out of State?

No it does not, but Virginia does forward out of state driver’s convictions in Fairfax to the driver’s home state so the home state can do whatever they wish with that conviction.

What Is The Long Term Impact of Demerit Points?

If you accumulate too many points then your license could be suspended and every time you are convicted of something your insurance is informed. So any new convictions can cause your insurance rates to go up for three years.

Is There Anyway to Challenge Demerit Points?

No. The points are assigned based on convictions. So if you want to challenge the points really you have to challenge the convictions themselves. You can do this by appealing the case within ten days or petitioning to have the case reopened within 60 days.

If the case is appealed successfully and the conviction is overturned, then the points automatically are removed from your license. You don’t have to go to a special hearing or anything for the points themselves.

How Can a Fairfax Speeding Ticket Lawyer Help You?

A Fairfax traffic lawyer can help you petition the court to get a restricted license if demerit points have jeopardized your driving privileges by having your driver’s license suspended. A restricted driver’s license allows you to drive to and from work, school, medical appointments and religious services and sometimes judges will make additional exceptions as well, depending on what your particular circumstances are. Also Fairfax traffic lawyers can help you fight the charges that may ultimately lead to the demerit point that would jeopardize your driving privileges in the first place.

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