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Role of a Fairfax Traffic Lawyer

First and foremost, the role of a Fairfax traffic lawyer is to defend an accused individual against accusations of misconduct while driving. An attorney understands and analyzes the circumstances of an accusation and then works to mitigate any potential consequences a person might face.

If you are in need of legal guidance, be sure to reach out to an experienced traffic lawyer. A qualified professional could help you during this trying time.

How Attorneys Defend Accused Individuals

A criminal lawyer could play many roles in Fairfax when defending a person charged with a traffic violation. One of the first steps attorneys often take is to just consult with that person on what those consequences might be. Often, alleged offenders have not considered the long-term consequences of a conviction.

Secondly, the lawyer could act as an advocate for the person with a prosecutor, officer or a judge in order to attempt to minimize the consequences of that traffic ticket as much as possible.
Finally, a lawyer could also act as one may traditionally think that a lawyer would act, which is to defend that person at trial against the Commonwealth attorney’s evidence.

Defense Strategies Attorneys May Employ

The first strategy that a criminal lawyer could use in defending a traffic charge is to make sure the police officer did everything that they were supposed to do on the side of the road. In a lot of these cases, especially in speeding cases and DUI cases, a police officer is required to do a number of things and to have certain evidence before bringing a speeding or DUI charge.

Another strategy that criminal lawyers use is to attempt to present as much mitigating evidence to a prosecutor or a judge as possible in order to minimize the consequences that a traffic offense could have on the alleged offender.

Potential Challenges to Defending Against a Charge

In Fairfax, there are a large number of prosecutors and judges, so traffic cases and the outcomes of those traffic cases can vary greatly due to the specific personalities of the prosecutor and the judge. It is potentially challenging to defend a traffic case in Fairfax because of the differing personalities and quirks of the government and the judge.

The Point System for Traffic Violations

When lawyers refer to points in Fairfax, they are referring to the points that the DMV applies to one’s driving record when one is convicted of a driving offense. In Virginia, positive points are good and negative points are bad. The best driving record one can have in Virginia is a plus five, and negative points are assessed for a conviction for driving offense.

Losing Points in Virginia

Whenever someone has been convicted of a driving offense, so when they have pled guilty, been found guilty, or prepaid a traffic ticket, they could have points subtracted from their DMV driving record.

Learn More About the Role of a Fairfax Traffic Attorney

The role of a Fairfax traffic lawyer is to stand beside an alleged offender during this difficult time. With the right help, accused people could stand a chance of a favorable courtroom outcome and preserve driving privileges. Learn more today by speaking to a dedicated attorney.

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