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Restricted Licenses in Fairfax

When courts punish an offender by suspending his or her driver’s license, they have the option of granting a restricted license in its place. This allows the offender to maintain his or her livelihood by driving to and from necessary locations such as work, school, childcare, religious services, and medical appointments. These restricted licenses are not just handed out, however. Judges must find that there is good cause for granting a restricted license.

To ensure that you stand a chance when appealing to the court for a restricted license, reach out to a dedicated traffic attorney who could help you maintain your daily routine.

Offenses that Result in Automatic Licenses Suspension or Revocation

DUIs, driving on suspended, and driving while revoked all result in automatic license suspension in Fairfax County. License restoration after being convicted of such an offense is often more challenging.

In Fairfax County, a person’s driver’s license can be suspended for crimes other than traffic-related crimes to include drug-related crimes. Whenever someone is convicted of possession of a controlled substance or distribution of a controlled substance, they automatically lose their license for six months.

Restricted and Hardship Licenses

Restricted licenses are often issued to individuals who need to drive for certain reasons in Fairfax County. Judges often entertain requests for restricted licenses to drive to and from work, school, medical appointments and religious ceremonies or gatherings. These are often provided to people who have fairly good driving records and who have not made it a habit of driving on a suspended license or committing other traffic violations.

Steps to Obtain a Restricted License

In Fairfax County, when asking for a restricted license, alleged offenders must provide the presiding judge with a copy of their driving record as well as a form that indicates where they want to drive to and for what purpose. The form must include the times of the day and how long it takes to get to each respective location. While this does not constitute a complete restoration of one’s license, it allows for travel that is absolutely necessary.

Differences Between Regular Driving Identification

Restricted licenses only allow people who hold them to drive to certain places at certain times of the day. If they have a restricted license and they are driving within those restrictions, they must always have their restricted license with them, and they must always have the schedule or appointment card or other proof of the reason for their driving.

Bars to Restoring a License

People who have had their license revoked will have difficulty getting their license restored if they have any outstanding court fines, costs, or other obligations to the court system or DMV. Depending on the reason for the revocation, they may be required to get a substance abuse evaluation or complete a driver improvement course. Because of the hardships in obtaining full restoration of one’s license, a restricted license could offer them the means to continue to earn their livelihood in Fairfax County.

Learn More about Hardship Licenses from an Attorney in Fairfax

Restricted licenses in Fairfax offer alleged offenders a way to go about their daily lives. However, this privilege must be asked for and is granted at the mercy of the court. To improve your chances of maintaining your way of life and to have a legal advocate at your side, reach out to an attorney today.

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