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Following a Manassas Robbery Arrest

The events following a Manassas robbery arrest can be daunting for those accused. Therefore, it could be critical to speak with an attorney about the charges someone is facing.

The accused could share what happened during the time of the alleged incident to an experienced robbery attorney. Together, they can determine the importance of seeking out witnesses and evidence from the scene for trial.

How Does Someone Get Charged With Robbery in Manassas?

In Manassas, street robberies and home invasions are the most common form of robbery. Robbery offenses involving physical threats typically result in a response from law enforcement officers at the scene. They would arrest the individual on the spot or take them into custody.

The form of robbery charges includes a direct indictment in circuit courts. In that situation, the circuit court uses a grand jury and taking out an indictment against that defendant.

Understanding the ROle of a Prosecutor in a Robbery Case

Prosecutors use indictments to leverage the outcome of the case and to offer a deal for one charge if the defendant would take a plea for the other one. All of that is based on the premise that the government can prove their case because if they cannot those charges should drop on their own. If the government can prove two or more of these charges,  an attorney could offer to drop a case on one charge and take a plea for the other one.

Steps to Take Following a Robbery Arrest

It can be critical for an individual to seek the help of an attorney following a Manassas robbery arrest. An attorney may try to seek out a video recording or a surveillance camera, and character witnesses who know the defendant fairly well who could testify. It is also finding out what their court date is and what their arraignment’s date is, and making sure that nothing falls through the cracks and that they are on top of their case the whole time.

Access to Public Theft Criminal Records

Almost each Manassas county has an online system where one can view arrest records and case information. That information is accessible by the public both in general district court and in circuit court following a Manassas robbery arrest. There is an online system in most cases. Plea sheets or plea agreements would not be easily accessible to the public.

Benefit of an Attorney’s Presence at the Police Station

If someone is being investigated individuals should try to avoid speaking to police officers to try avoiding self-incrimination. They should seek the counsel of an attorney who can advise them on the statements that are appropriate for those conversations.

The law enforcement officer could contact the attorney on the individual’s behalf to make sure that they are not in a situation where they are making statements that would come back to hurt them. Contact a distinguished lawyer following a Manassas robbery arrest to try protecting your rights throughout your case.

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