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Manassas Robbery Arrest Procedure

The Manassas robbery arrest procedure is going to involve police officers either arresting someone immediately in the wake of a robbery based on probable cause, after an arrest warrant has been obtained from a magistrate judge, or when an indictment has been issued by a grand jury.

Robbery apprehensions can be incredibly tense and serious. In most cases, a robbery has been accomplished by some sort of violence. Therefore, the police are going to treat the suspect as a violent criminal. The police may have some fear that the individual may harm them, which is why they are going to use every precaution while executing the arrest.

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When the Police Chooses to Arrest Someone in Robbery Cases

Law enforcement is going to arrest someone in a robbery case under the circumstances which are in their opinion the safest for them. This means that normally, the police are going to arrest a suspect at a time when they can catch them by surprise and under circumstances where they are the least likely to try to flee or fight back.

Most of the time, the suspect is arrested immediately upon apprehension, whether that is immediately following their crime and the officers believe there is probable cause or whether there is a warrant.

Complying With the Police

During the Manassas robbery arrest procedure, it is imperative that for the defendant to understand that they should comply with the police. Even if the charges are not fair and the accusations are against them are not true, the individual is not going to win the battle at the moment they are being arrested. It is also important to know that if the person is being arrested for robbery, they are in a circumstance in which the police have the ability to use force against them. This includes lethal force if the police feel their life is threatened. Therefore, it is critical for an individual to comply with any commands from the police.

Arrest and Booking Process

When a person is placed under arrest, they are normally going to be put in handcuffs and placed in the police vehicle. The individual will then be transported to the police station. The booking procedure involves being processed and having the person’s identification taken. This means the defendant will most likely have their fingerprints taken. In all situations, the individual will have to make an initial appearance in front of a magistrate to determine whether they are going to be admitted to bail or held without bail during the pendency of the case.

Contacting a Robbery Attorney in Manassas

An individual who has gone through the Manassas robbery arrest procedure can contact an attorney as soon as they are freed. They will not be able to contact a lawyer during the arrest. In many cases, they will not be able to reach out to an attorney from jail. However, as soon as the person is out on bail, they can call a defense lawyer.

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