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In almost every circumstance, the Commonwealth of Virginia’s firearm laws apply equally to ammunition. Therefore, a firearm ammunition charge, like a gun charge, could lead to jail time and other significant penalties.

If you have been charged with a firearm ammunition offense, reach out to an experienced gun attorney who could fight for you. Call today and set up a consultation with a knowledgeable Mecklenburg County firearm ammunition lawyer.

Possession of Ammunition in Mecklenburg County

In most circumstances, people may legally possess ammunition in Mecklenburg County. Unlike firearms, there is no federal licensure for dealers or sellers of ammunition, and the Commonwealth makes no such law either. However, ammunition is illegal to possess during the commission of another illegal act such as the use or possession of drugs, or theft.

Additionally, anyone who is not legally allowed to possess a firearm cannot also possess ammunition. It is also unlawful for minors under the age of 18 to purchase or possess firearm ammunition except on private property under supervision and with permission.

Possession ammunition is illegal in government buildings and schools. A firearm ammunition lawyer in Mecklenburg County could clarify where ammunition is legally allowed to be possessed.

Restricted Ammunition

Certain types of ammunition have been barred by either federal or state statutes. Virginia does not especially regulate the possession of commonly restricted ammunition but offers penalty enhancements if restricted ammunition was used in the commission of a crime. If there are questions about the restricted status of certain types of ammunition, it is essential to reach out to a seasoned attorney to determine whether or not possession would violate any laws.

The only type of ammunition that the Commonwealth’s government has legislated on is various forms of armor piercing ammunition such as “French arcane” or KTW bullets. The use of these rounds during a commission of a crime would constitute a separate gun charge.

In some states, there are restrictions stating that only the corresponding type of ammunition to a person’s registered firearm may be legally purchased or possessed. Likewise, some municipal police departments track ammunition purchases to attempt to catch felons in possession of firearms or stop security threats. Mecklenburg County law enforcement and the Commonwealth of Virginia do not have these restrictions or tracking measures.

Call a Mecklenburg County Firearm Ammunition Attorney Today

Anyone who possesses a firearm or ammunition and Mecklenburg County should know the specific laws surrounding the type of firearm and ammunition that they carry. As a responsible firearms owner, you have a duty to know the law regarding what you can carry, where you can carry it, and for what purpose. If you have any uncertainty or questions about ammo laws, it is crucial to reach out to a Mecklenburg County firearm ammunition lawyer today. Protect your legal rights by knowing the law.

Also, if you are facing charges regarding ammunition, a defense attorney could fight for you and help you build a strong defense. Call today and set up your consultation with a skilled legal professional.

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