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Mecklenburg Possession of a Prohibited Dangerous Weapon Lawyer

In Mecklenburg, there are a number of weapons that are characterized as dangerous including firearms, switchblades, brass knuckles, throwing stars, blackjacks, any number of things. An individual does not need to have the firearm on them to be charged with possession of a prohibited dangerous weapon.

There is not only a stigma attached to weapons charges, and the inherent kind of danger associated with them, but a lot of these charges carry very severe penalties and a number of them have mandatory minimums associated with them. Therefore, an individual should definitely consult an experienced gun attorney to be advised of the potential repercussions and how to mitigate them. A Mecklenburg possession of a prohibited dangerous weapon lawyer can help you mitigate any pending charges against you.

Possibilities of Facing Charges

The most common ways that people get charged with weapons possession in Mecklenburg are either because they are possessing a strictly prohibited weapon, something that cannot be possessed at anytime like the blackjacks or brass knuckles, switchblades, or having a firearm when that person is specifically prohibited because of some activity namely, possession of certain higher schedule drugs or because of their felony record.

Getting charged with possession of a prohibited dangerous weapon in Mecklenburg is common. Like drug offenses, if a lot of people are not aware that an individual possesses certain types of drugs and guns at the same time that the firearm charge is a felony charge on top of the felony drug possession charge.

Penalties for Possession of a Prohibited Dangerous Weapon

There is a wide variety of penalties depending on the type of weapon and what the person’s criminal record looks like. It can be anything from a class four misdemeanor all the way up to a felony carrying up to a decade.

Weapon charges can carry extremely serious felony penalties and can carry a significant stigma and an enhanced kind of view as a dangerous person. A Mecklenburg possession of a prohibited dangerous weapon lawyer can help the individual navigate around the role of the community and any future with law enforcement agencies. Any penalties for assault with a dangerous weapon are going to depend on the injuries and what type of weapon it was.

Working with an Attorney

For a person accused of committing a gun offense, it is important to know where the person was charged, why they were charged, what were the circumstances, if it was based on their criminal record, if it was based on some behavior with the firearm, if it was a firearm that is banned in Virginia or if it was banned for the purpose they are charged with.

A Mecklenburg possession of a prohibited dangerous weapon lawyer can help a firearm owner in a number of ways. They can ensure that the owner has registered their firearm properly, has proper transportation, help them avoid any kind of concealments or other illegal issues. They can advise them as to what types of weapons are allowed. They can advise them where firearms can be shot legally in Mecklenburg.

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