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Mecklenburg County Armed Robbery Lawyer

As defined by Mecklenburg County law, armed robbery has two components. The first of which is that the accused is armed with a weapon during the act. Second, the accused takes the property of another by force or threat of force.

Armed robbery is a serious offense that carries significant penalties and long-term repercussions. Therefore, it is crucial for defendants to seek the services of a Mecklenburg County armed robbery lawyer right away. A seasoned robbery attorney could fight for you and possibly help you reach a favorable resolution to your case.

Prosecuting Armed Robbery Charges

For a person to be charged with armed robbery in Mecklenburg County, the prosecutor must be able to show probable cause that the accused was armed during a show of force or threat of force while taking property from another person. If a prosecutor is not able to prove these elements beyond a reasonable doubt, then the defendant cannot be convicted.

A dedicated criminal lawyer who has experience in armed robbery charges could demonstrate their proficiency and use their capability when negotiating with prosecutors to obtain the fairest possible outcome for an accused.

Armed Robbery Penalties

Armed robbery is a felony offense and is among the most serious felonies because it carries a potential sentence of up to life in prison. Armed robbery carries a possible sentence from five years in prison all the way up to life in prison. If someone is convicted of armed robbery, there will be adverse effects, including enhanced sentencing guidelines for any future convictions. It means the individual loses their ability to possess a firearm and their civil rights, including not being able to serve on a jury or vote. Therefore, it is crucial for defendants to obtain the services of an armed robbery lawyer in Mecklenburg County as soon as possible.

Building an Armed Robbery Defense

A Mecklenburg County armed robbery attorney begins preparing a defense as soon as they are hired by the defendant. They begin by interviewing the defendant in detail about their personal history and any information relevant to the charge. The lawyer investigates the case independently as soon as possible and reviews the evidence to be presented against the defendant in court.

The type of evidence a criminal lawyer compiles when defending someone against an armed robbery charge varies depending on the circumstances of the case. The lawyer needs to know as much information as possible about the defendant and the charges to make an informed decision about the type of evidence to present for the specific defense in that case.

How a Mecklenburg County Armed Robbery Attorney Could Help

A person should consider hiring a local criminal lawyer when charged with armed robbery because armed robbery is such a serious charge. A conviction for armed robbery carries a potential penalty of life in prison. An individual should look for an attorney who is qualified and experienced in defending robbery charges. Also, they should look for a local attorney who is familiar with the court rules and courthouse personnel.

If you are facing charges, get in touch with a seasoned Mecklenburg County armed robbery lawyer today.

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