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Mecklenburg County Robbery Case Arraignments

Most of the time at Mecklenburg County robbery case arraignments, the judge will advise the defendant of the charge against them, tell them they have a right to an attorney, and give the defendant an opportunity to have a court-appointed attorney if they qualify. It is exceptionally rare for a court to consider bond at an arraignment unless the defendant has already secured the services of an attorney who is prepared to go for bond consideration that day.

Robbery arraignments are very similar to those for other crimes, but a judge is less likely to grant a bond at the robbery arraignment than they would be for other crimes because of the serious nature of robbery charges.

Due to robbery being such a serious charge, it carries a presumption against a bond, meaning that the judge is required to presume that the defendant will be a flight risk and/or a danger to the community when they are facing a robbery charge.

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Flight Risk and Danger to Public

During the Mecklenburg County robbery case arraignment, a judge may decide whether the person is a flight risk or a danger to the public. Flight risk is a factor that goes into determining whether a bond is granted. It is the risk that a defendant might flee the jurisdiction or otherwise try to evade facing the charges.

Danger to the public is the other factor that judges must consider when deciding whether to grant a bond and whether a defendant has overcome the presumption against the bond in a robbery case. Danger to the public simply means the risk that the defendant might conduct additional criminal offenses while they are on bond facing the charges.

Plea Options for Defendants

People always have a right to enter three pleas in Mecklenburg County, including not guilty, meaning they just want the prosecution to prove its case; guilty, which is an admission of guilt; and no contest which means they are not admitting guilt, but the prosecution has sufficient evidence. They will not, however, be asked to enter a plea at the arraignment stage, and it is important that they do not do so.

Some crucial things to consider before pleading guilty include having a long conversation with their attorney before entering a plea in the robbery case. Their plea will only be heard once, they will not be allowed to change it, and it is critical that they understand the implications of each plea option available to them. For that, it is best they have a discussion with their lawyer.

An experienced attorney will be able to give them legal advice as to what their options are when they are deciding how to enter a plea, and will also be able to discuss with them the likely consequences of what follows from each option. A lawyer also will advise them based on their experience on how the case would likely go for depending on the plea they decide on.

People cannot plea bargain without a lawyer. Prosecutors will not negotiate with them or even speak with them in a criminal case unless they are represented by an attorney.

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