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Mecklenburg County Robbery Cases

Robbery is not charged often in Mecklenburg County. When it is, it will be charged and prosecuted very seriously anytime there is evidence to support the charge.

How a robbery case is tried depends on the facts of each case. Of course, the defendant always has the right to ask for a jury trial, but the prosecution also has a right to ask for a jury trial, and are likely to do so if the alleged robbery was particularly violent.

Robbery charges are significant as the maximum punishment is life in prison. This means it is crucial to obtain a skilled attorney who is experienced with Mecklenburg County robbery cases. A dedicated robbery attorney could build a viable defense and fight for you throughout the legal process. Due to the violent nature of robbery, it also means the prosecution will treat them very seriously and will be seeking severe consequences for anyone charged with robbery.

What to Know About Going to Court for Robbery Charges

Mecklenburg County has two different courthouses, both in the town of Boydton. Before the defendant’s court date, they should consult with their attorney about where their case is being heard.

It is crucial that a defendant going to court has a professional appearance. This means they should dress nicely and not look sloppy. It is also important that they be at the court promptly and preferably early so they have time to discuss with their attorney whatever might happen in that court proceeding. And, it is essential that the defendant is aware that a court is a public place, so they should expect that other people whom they may or may not know could be present in the courtroom at the same time their case is heard.

Court Process in Mecklenburg County

The typical Mecklenburg County court process for a robbery case is that there will be a preliminary hearing in General District Court. This preliminary hearing is a probable cause hearing at which the district court judge decides whether probable cause has been established for the charge. If it is, the judge will certify the case to the grand jury to decide whether to return an indictment for robbery. Following the indictment, a trial will be heard in the circuit court by a judge or a jury. For more information, consult with a seasoned lawyer.

How Long Might Robbery Trials Take?

Whether a case is resolved on the first day in court depends on the specific facts of each case. If the evidence against the defendant is relatively weak for a charge of robbery, it is possible the case could be resolved on the first court date by either being reduced to a misdemeanor charge or the case being dropped altogether. Many robbery trials will resolve themselves within six months, but it is possible for a robbery trial to go on for a year or even a little longer.

Call a Mecklenburg County Lawyer About Robbery Cases

Robbery is a felony offense that carries significant penalties and long-term consequences. If you are facing robbery charges, you should contact a skilled attorney who is well-versed with Mecklenburg County robbery cases. Call today and set up a consultation.

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