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How a Mecklenburg County Robbery Attorney Could Help

Robbery charges are serious and carry significant penalties. Therefore, it is crucial for a defendant to obtain the services of a lawyer as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney will be able to assist someone charged with robbery by trying to get them a bond after they have been arrested, communicate with their family and loved ones, negotiate with prosecutors, and review the evidence against them in advance of trial. Also, the lawyer will guide the defendant throughout the trial process.

When a person faces a robbery charge, it would be absurd to try to proceed without an attorney because it is a very serious charge with serious consequences.  people have a constitutional right to represent themselves for any charge, even when that carries life in prison such as for robbery.

Read below to learn more about how a Mecklenburg County robbery attorney could help. And if you are facing charges, call an accomplished lawyer today.

What to Look For in a Lawyer

Someone facing a robbery charge should look for an attorney who has experience in dealing with these types of cases. They should look for an attorney who practices in Mecklenburg County and is familiar with the local prosecutors, law enforcement, and courthouse personnel. The defendant should also look for an attorney who can speak with them candidly and honestly about the situation they face without sugarcoating anything.

First Steps a Robbery Attorney Will Take

Among the first things an attorney will do when taking on a robbery case will be to interview the defendant regarding their personal history and all facts relevant to the incident that led to the robbery charge, including the facts leading up to the incident. That will include the nature of the relationships between the defendant and other people who may have been involved in the robbery. After that, the attorney will begin an independent investigation of the facts to try to obtain evidence and obtain witness statements to determine what the evidence is likely to show at trial. From there, the attorney is expected to be in touch with the prosecutor to begin reviewing the evidence that will be used against the defendant in court.

Defense Investigations

A Mecklenburg County attorney could help with a robbery charge by conducting their own defense investigation. This could be crucial to building a strong defense.

How an investigation is conducted, by the attorney or outside investigators, will depend on the type of attorney a person hires. Many attorneys in larger law firms have professional investigative resources they can rely on to perform the investigation. Sometimes, the attorney also will be involved in the investigation alongside investigators.

Contact a Robbery Attorney Today

A seasoned defense attorney will fiercely defend a person charged with robbery and advocate on their behalf from the moment they are retained to the conclusion of the trial. When the defendant hires a Mecklenburg County attorney, they are hiring someone to be on their side with experience and who could thoroughly contest the evidence that will be presented by the prosecution. Also, a lawyer could articulately speak up on the defendant’s behalf at all stages of the case. Call today to learn more about how a Mecklenburg County robbery attorney could help.

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