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In Virginia, the crime of disorderly conduct is covered by Section 18.2-415 of the Virginia Code. Although counties, cities, and towns can make specific rules prohibiting conduct that falls under this section, all Virginia jurisdictions must follow the maximum penalty set forth. Section 18.2-415.

Under Section 18.2-415, an individual is guilty of disorderly conduct if the individual,

  • Intends to cause public inconvenience or by recklessly creating a risk of public annoyance, alarm, or inconvenience, and;
  • Acts in a such a way that the individual’s conduct is likely to cause violence while in a public space (street, public place, etc.), or;
  • Disrupts a funeral, memorial service, government meeting, school, school-sponsored event, literary society, religious service, or similar activity where:
    • The individual act willfully or because the individual is intoxicated, and;
    • The disruption prevents and/or interferes with the orderly conduct of the service, meeting, or activity, or;
    • The disruption is likely to directly cause violence.

This does not include an individual who is saying or displaying words, or an individual who is committing other criminal activity. Section 18.2-415. Furthermore, the person in charge of the building, activity, or meeting may eject the individual guilty of disorderly conduct with the help of other people. Section 18.2-415.

The penalty for disorderly conduct is a Class 1 misdemeanor. Section 18.2-415. Thus, if an individual is guilty of disorderly conduct, the individual faces up to 12 months in jail and/or up to a $2,500 fine. Section 18.2-11(a).

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