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If you work for the federal government, in the military, or for a government contractor in Virginia, you may have security clearance or background check obligations as a condition of employment. If so, then facing even minor criminal charges may become a very serious issue for you and your job.

If you are facing a criminal charge in Virginia and you are concerned with how it will impact your security clearance or background check, contact a Virginia security clearance lawyer today.

A criminal defense attorney in Virginia familiar with the obligations of security clearances can help devise a legal strategy that takes your obligations into account. This may require a different calculus from how other people approach cases, particularly when evaluating the risks of going to trial or accepting a plea deal.

Contact us today for a free consultation with a Virginia criminal attorney who has experience incorporating security clearance concerns into criminal defense representation.

Can a Criminal Charge or Conviction Affect Your Security Clearance?

Whether a criminal charge can affect your security clearance depends on the level of security clearance and it depends on the type of charge. It is important for people who have security clearance to understand what their responsibilities are as far as disclosing an arrest, a ticket, or whether or not they only have to disclose if they are convicted of something.

It is the client’s responsibility to know that and the attorney can advise and give guidance as to what actions should be taken as far as dealing with the security clearance or dealing with the employer.

Things To Know If You Are Worried About Your Security Clearance

When clients express concern about their security clearance in the face of criminal charges, a Virginia security clearance lawyer will tell them that they need to understand what their responsibilities are first.

A lot of times, the outcome of their case is going to be completely fine with a security clearance but they need to know what they are up against. If it comes down to a point in their criminal case that they need to make a decision about whether or not to accept or reject a plea offer then they have to understand how it is going to affect their employment.

Advantages of a Virginia Security Clearance Lawyer

If you have questions, contact a Virginia security clearance lawyer with experience helping clients worried about security clearance or background checks.

The bulk of our clients work for the federal government or in the military, so it is not unusual for our clients to need security clearance or background checks for their jobs.

Again, we advise them to understand what is expected of them as far as their disclosure requirements and what are the potential consequences that they face based on the outcome of their criminal case.

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