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Virginia Robbery Arrest Process

Robbery is considered a serious offense in Virginia. When someone is accused of robbery, they may be arrested and charged. If you are concerned about a potential robbery accusation, you may also be worried about the Virginia robbery arrest process.

Contact a skilled defense attorney who could review concerns that you may have and help explain the obscurities in the typical arrest process followed by Virginia law enforcement. Call to schedule a consultation today.

When May a Robbery Arrest Occur

Robbery arrests typically take place at the scene of an alleged crime or shortly thereafter. Police could attempt to apprehend or stop a person who may appear to be fleeing after an alleged robbery offense. Such an arrest is commonly made on the same day of the alleged robbery. It is relatively rare for a person accused of such an offense to be arrested or identified weeks later.

An arrest for a robbery offense is generally the result for an eyewitness or a complainant identifying and accusing someone of committing the crime. For example, someone who allegedly attempts to steal a purse while walking on a sidewalk could face such an accusation, along with the corresponding potential legal consequences.

Understanding the Arrest Process

Law enforcement often tries to arrest someone on the spot. It is not generally a case where they decide to investigate for a long time and let that person be out in the open. As soon as they have a potential suspect, they are typically going to try to arrest them due to concerns about safety in the community.

An arrest for robbery is generally a tense situation. Law enforcement typically considers robbery as a significant offense and may treat suspects as violent criminals. There may be many police officers at the scene to help monitor the arrest and this could be quite intimidating for a person about to be arrested. This frequently leads to a standoff, as a person may be unsure of how to proceed.

There are many different parts to the Virginia robbery arrest process. Call a skilled defense lawyer who could help explain the procedures and potentially provide legal representation in court.

Impact of Surrendering to Law Enforcement

If there is a warrant for a person’s arrest and they call a defense attorney, they could potentially help that individual surrender. After finding out that there is a warrant for their arrest, a person is typically allowed to turn themselves in. The fact that the person did not try to run from the police, beyond the extent that the person did not stick around after the alleged initial crime was committed, could help the person potentially get bonded later.

However, there often is a presumption made against individuals who are accused of robbery. The judge may assume that the person is not likely to return to court and face legal proceedings. As a result, the judge may disallow a bond to be set.

Booking Process for a Robbery Offense

When someone is arrested for a robbery offense, they are typically taken to the police station for booking, which is the commonly the next part of the Virginia robbery arrest process. This may include officially identifying the person by taking a DNA sample or fingerprints. Following the identification process, the officers at the police station may place the individual into a holding cell until arraignment. A person is rarely indicted before an arrest or an arraignment, as that process may take too much time for this type of offense.

Arraignment generally is completed through video and at this point, a person typically will be told if they are eligible for bond. After the arraignment, a person usually is allowed to make a phone call to a defense attorney. A phone call is generally permitted within 24 hours of someone’s arrest.

Schedule a Legal Consultation with a Virginia Robbery Attorney

If you were accused of a robbery offense or if you believe that you may be arrested for such an offense, call a dedicated defense attorney today. The Virginia robbery arrest process may be confusing for someone who is unfamiliar with this area of law. A reliable defense attorney could help fight to protect your rights and explain the unclear parts of the arrest process.

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