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Restitution in Virginia Robbery Cases

Restitution iin Virginia robbery cases is legally defined as making somebody whole. Restitution is almost always monetary in the State of Virginia. Restitution is often ordered as part of the sentencing by the court for cases.

For robbery cases, the accused may have to pay back what they allegedly stole. To learn more about the role of restitution in your case, speak with an experienced robbery attorney.

What is the Goal of Restitution in Virginia Robbery Cases?

The only time restitution is ordered is if somebody had a loss. The goal of restitution is to make the accuser whole again. In some cases, the money is for medical bills if the person is injured and had to go to the hospital or if the person stole something from and ruined it. Those are things that the judge keeps in mind when ordering restitution in cases A lot of it depends on whether or not the accuser is asking for restitution.

Payment from a Larger Entity vs. Payment from an Individual

A larger entity would never be convicted of robbery. Generally, a larger entity would be ordered to pay amounts to multiple businesses. This would be white collar, like a large business, but it is never going to be able to just hold a gun to someone’s head. Restitution is often expected to come from an individual and not an entity.

Likelihood of Paying Restitution for Robbery

Someone would have to pay restitution if the court orders them to pay. For a robbery case, it is according to satisfaction, which is a different beat. For misdemeanor offenses, it is sometimes the way to get rid of a charge a person otherwise would be guilty.

How Does Someone Know if They Need to Pay?

Restitution in Virginia robbery cases is part of the person’s sentence. If the person does not pay this person, it violates their suspended sentence if they have suspended time.

There is not mandatory restitution for robbery cases. There are some cases where certain kinds of accusers can get restitution, but robbery is not a case for assuming that restitution.

Reasons for Not Having to Pay Restitution

If there is an injury or a loss to the alleged victim, restitution in Virginia robbery cases would be invoked. If a person robs a bank or an individual and during the course of that robbery they hurt that individual, the court might order the person to pay restitution to the accuser.

It is specifically their medical bill costs, but it is a case-by-case basis and depends on the facts. If a person has to pay $5,000 restitution to an accuser and they were not injured, there has to be some kind of loss that they are giving recompense to.

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