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Building a Virginia Robbery Defense

Building a Virginia robbery defense will likely be based on the rest of the evidence. If you would like to know more about how to properly defend against theft accusations, contact a skilled robbery attorney right away.

Evidence Used as a Robbery Defense

If it is an eyewitness type of case, for example, a situation with video surveillance, trying to get information that refutes the video surveillance or trying to show the video surveillance system is somehow incorrect is important. The prosecution must determine what the firearm is and if somebody testified that there was a firearm.

Understanding the Role of Cross-Examination

When building a Virginia robbery defense, a lawyer could potentially cross-examination to try to say that it was not what the prosecution was making it out to be.

Cross-examination can be an asset in robbery cases because so much of a theft case is based on eyewitness testimony. Often cross-examination is the only eyes and ears that the defense has to try to fight the case absent some other kind of hard evidence, like video, statements, or pictures.

Documents-Based Evidence

Robbery charges are probably not very much. There probably is not going to be a lot of documentation outside of any videos or picture surveillance. Most of these are going to be forensic evidence and eyewitness evidence in a robbery case typically.

Document trails are often uncommon unless it is for an alibi defense purpose someone could not have been somewhere at a certain time unless there is a picture or a video that can lend itself to where a person was or whether the person was there.

Dealing with Forensic Evidence

Experts can be used to talk about things like DNA identification, fingerprints, where those fingerprints were, ballistics, and gun situations. All those are things that a person will need an expert to testify.

Utilizing Constitutional Issues as a Defense

An attorney may ask the accused whether constitutional errors occurred during their arrest or charging process. This can be critical information when building a Virginia robbery defense. The suggestive lineup and suggestive eyewitness identifications would be in violation of an individual’s constitutional rights in robbery cases.

An example of a possible violation could be any scenarion where somebody was interrogated without their Miranda rights being read and arrested without the probable cause.

Individuals who are potentially interrogated or mistaken for other people and then tricked into admitting false confession are serious and put a lot of pressure on giving a confession right away.

Important Qualities to Consider When Hiring an Attorney

When seeking advice from a legal criminal defense attorney or a law firm when facing these charges. A person needs an impressive defense attorney. A person needs somebody who knows what they are doing, knows the law, and knows the constitution. There are many nuances to a particular criminal defense based on constitutional challenges.

An individual needs to know not just from the side of US attorney court cases, but how it has been applied locally in one’s state and in that person’s district. A person needs to have an effective defense attorney to protect one’s right and to effectively challenge these cases. For more information on building a Virginia robbery defense, contact an attorney right away.

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