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Virginia Traffic Stops at Night

The traffic stop does not change whether a driver has been pulled over during the daytime or at night. The driver still has the obligation and need to make sure they are safe while pulling over. When someone is pulled over at night, they might want to find a section of the roadway or an area to pull up that is lighted up.

If the roadway is not fully lit and the driver would like to go off an exit to find a well-lited spot, they still need to continue to signal that they are going to do so and then allow enough time to exit into a lighted area. Read below to learn more about Virginia traffic stops at night. And if you have any questions, reach out to an accomplished traffic attorney today.

Steps to Take at a Traffic Stop

When a driver notices that an officer is pulling over, they should pull over to a safe location. Preferably, at a well-lit spot if it is a traffic stop at night in Virginia. The driver should turn their car off and roll their window down. They should speak with the police officer but not say too much that would go against their best interests. The driver should provide their license, registration, and insurance card for the officer.

What to Avoid at a Traffic Stop

There are many actions that a driver should avoid at a Virginia traffic stop at night. For instance, they should not step out of the car for any reason unless the officer asks them to get out of the vehicle. The person should not make sudden movements or reach for anything without notifying the officer. When someone bends down and reaches for something, the officer may think they are reaching for a gun or another dangerous weapon. Officers are highly sensitive to their own safety.

The driver should be as compliant as possible at a traffic stop. However, they should not say too much and avoid answering investigative questions. For more information, consult with a knowledgeable lawyer today.

Should Drivers Turn on Their In-Car Lights?

Drivers absolutely can turn on their in-car lights during a traffic stop at night. There is nothing that will prevent the person from turning on an inside light in their vehicle. That being said, the person should let the officer know what they are doing and what kind of movements they will be making.

What to Expect Once the Officer Approaches the Vehicle

When the officer approaches the vehicle, the driver should expect them to ask the driver to roll down the window. The officer is going to talk to the person. The police may ask if the driver knows why they pulled the driver over. It is crucial for the driver to avoid arguing with the officer and be polite. The officer is also going to ask for the individual’s driver’s license, insurance, and registration.

The traffic stop process should proceed the same no matter what time of day it is. For more information about Virginia traffic stops at night, reach out to an accomplished defense attorney today.

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