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Virginia Uniform Demerit Point System

The uniform demerit point system is what Virginia drivers are subject to if they are licensed to drive in Virginia. The point system is used to assess demerit points on driving records and the particular points assigned to each offense are determined by the DMV. Some of the ways in which a person could accumulate demerit points on their license are for traffic infractions, such as speeding, or reckless driving, which is a criminal offense.

Depending on the severity of the offense and the total amount of demerit points accumulated to that point, it could result in license suspension or revocation, as well as other consequences.

However, it is possible to reverse demerit points by taking driver improvement courses or ensuring that your driving is above reproach, as positive points are accumulated every two years.

If you have been accused of a driving offense, contact a Virginia traffic lawyer to help minimize the harm, and therefore the number of demerit points, that are applied to your license.

About Uniform Demerit Points

The demerit points will remain on somebody’s driving record for two years. How long the convictions remain vary depending on the type of violation. Each violation adds three, four, or six points to an individual’s driving record. Someone who accumulates too many points could face a license suspension. Here is more information on speeding-related demerit points.

If you accumulate too many points, not only are you facing a license suspension, but the DMV will also notify your driver’s insurance as soon as they are made aware of any convictions that you get. The insurance rates tend to increase with more demerit points and it can take awhile to get your driving record back to zero again.  It takes years of good behavior and no additional convictions in order to get back to baseline.

Dealing with DMV Demerit Points

For every year of good driving behavior, drivers will receive one positive point up to a total of five.  Someone can also voluntarily take a driver improvement class, which can also give them up to five points on their driving record every two years.  So the only real way to get rid of demerit points is with the passage of time or by accruing positive points via a driver improvement course certified by the DMV.

Point System For Out-of-State Drivers

Out-of-state licenses are not subject to Virginia’s demerit point system; instead, they are subject to whatever point system their state has in use.

How Can A Virginia Traffic Lawyer Help?

Because these points are the result of a conviction, you cannot challenge the points themselves. You can only challenge the conviction as they come. A Virginia traffic lawyer can help you before your driving privileges become jeopardized by going to represent you in court and providing you with the best possible defense. It is important to have a lawyer fighting for you so that they can possibly reduce the charges to avoid your driving privileges being in jeopardy in the first place.

A Virginia traffic lawyer can also help you qualify for a restricted driver’s license. A restricted driver’s license allows a Virginia driver to drive to work, to school, to medical appointments, and to religious services. This way even if your license is suspended, you do not lose all of your driving privileges.

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