Arlington Criminal Attorney

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Arlington, Virginia, you may be confused and frightened. Facing criminal charges can lead to overwhelming anxiety about the consequences of a conviction. An Arlington criminal attorney will fight vigorously in your defense and can help you receive the best possible outcome to your trial. En Español.

Arlington Criminal Charges

Criminal charges are broad in scope. While felony convictions can result in lengthy prison sentences, even misdemeanors carry consequences that can seriously impact your future. Our attorneys have a proven record of successful defense against charges including but not limited to:

If you are questioned regarding your involvement in a criminal matter, you may politely assert your right to remain silent until you seek qualified counsel. Any statements you make–even proclaiming your innocence–can be used to incriminate you. An attorney keeps your best interests in mind when helping you cooperate with the investigation while maintaining your rights.

Skilled Arlington County Criminal Lawyer

If you are charged with a crime, your case will most likely be heard at the Arlington General District Court, located at 1425 North Courthouse Road in Arlington, Virginia. Whether you are represented by an Arlington gun lawyer, an Arlington drug lawyer, an Arlington assault lawyer, or a criminal lawyer defending you against any other charge, your attorney will fight aggressively to have all charges against you lessened or dismissed.

Arlington County CourthouseArlington County is one of the most populated areas in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and its proximity to the District of Columbia ensures that there are a steady stream of people coming in and out every single day.

That means that the attorneys who represent clients in Arlington are among the most busy in the Commonwealth. They represent clients against the charges listed above, and dozens more.

If you are facing a criminal charge and you are not sure whether or not you need an attorney, or if our office even offers the services you are looking for, we recommend that you set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys to ask any questions you might have.

We can help you understand how our office might be able to help you, as well as the specific charge you are facing and the penalties that it could carry.

Don’t take your charge lightly. If the Commonwealth has managed to produce a charge against you, that means that they are serious about prosecuting it and could pursue a maximum allowable sentence for your offense. If you are facing a charge, and the potential impact that penalties could bring with a conviction, you owe it to yourself to pursue the best possible chance at a positive result.

An Arlington criminal attorney with Karin Riley Porter Attorney at Law will work tirelessly on your behalf, making sure that your best interests are looked out for, your rights are protected, all while working towards a positive result.

We have experience that has proven successful, and while no two cases alike because they changed drastically based on unique circumstances, that experience gives our attorneys a strong foundation to handle your defense.

Arlington is unique among the counties because of the unique relationship it has with its towns. Technically, it is comprised of separate neighborhoods and are not allowed to incorporate any towns. While the neighborhoods are commonly referred to by name only as if they were a unique town or city, the do not have their own government and all fall under the umbrella of Arlington.

That means that if you are charged with a crime in any of its neighborhoods, you will be charged and prosecuted in the Arlington Court system.

Our attorneys have experience throughout Arlington, so if you have been accused of a crime, or if you have been formally charged in – Ballston, Crystal City, Rosslyn, Westover, Clarendon, Lyon Village, Shirlington, Wiliamsburg Circle, Courthouse, Pentagon City, Virginia Square or Palisades – contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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Title: She Was Extremely Professional In Court

One of my friends told me about the firm after being a former client. After speaking with Ms. Porter, I felt confident. She was extremely professional in court. She seemed like she knew the judges, prosecutors, and how the case should be handled. She did everything one could expect for my case. I would recommend Karin to anyone facing a criminal defense matter in Virginia. I would tell them to follow her advice without thinking!

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars