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Building a Defense For a Fairfax Criminal Case

As in any case, you have to know what the evidence is, how it fits into the charges, and what its relevancy is. Then, you have to understand what the big picture is or what the theme is of the defense and you need to build that. This is a long process and it doesn’t happen right when the client walks to the door.

Your Fairfax criminal lawyer will have to work on it and do their own investigation to figure out that what really happened and how it is different than what the prosecution can prove in a court of law.

Are There Any Constitutional Issues That May Come Up in Fairfax Criminal Cases?

There are constitutional issues that come up in any criminal case. There are constitutional issues dealing with searches and seizures of property and people, and about how evidence is collected, how statements are taken from an accused. The backbone of criminal practice is understanding the ever evolving criminal or constitutional law and being able to apply it correctly to the facts of each case in order to protect the rights of each and every client.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring An Experienced Fairfax Criminal Lawyer?

I think that experience is very valuable. Really getting to know the experience that your attorney has dealing with specific offenses and circumstances that you face and in the jurisdiction that you’re being charged is so important.

Of course, it is also important to have the chemistry with your attorney meaning the ability to disclose important facts, to be able to work with the attorney, understand the way that they are presenting the case to you, being able to ask the right questions, and really being able to be a team with your attorney is important.

So, having someone that has a good amount of experience again on both sides of the case I think is extremely beneficial and can only benefit the client.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring An Attorney in a Law Firm As Opposed to Solo Practitioner?

I think there’s a good support network. We are constantly asking each other’s opinions about evidence in a particular case. We have an investigator on staff who is invaluable in being able to quickly get an investigation started so we can start building our case quickly. I think that’s a benefit of a firm and specifically our firm.

We also have an immigration attorney that works with us and she provides us with some guidance when we have clients that have immigration issues related to the criminal charges which is a very serious collateral consequence of being charged with a criminal offense if you are not a U citizen. So, that is another benefit of our firm.

What Should You Do if Charged with a Crime in Fairfax

Call an attorney. Find an attorney that fits your needs and someone that you can trust. Someone that is available to answer all your questions and has the right amount of experience not only with the type of case that you’re charged with but also in the jurisdiction is really important.

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