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Our Approach to Fairfax Criminal Cases

As a criminal attorney in Fairfax, Virginia, our practice is guided by the following goals: always understand what the client’s goals are, to protect the client’s rights, to always keep the client informed of the progress of their case, make sure that they understand each step of what’s going on, and keep the lines of communication open.

Also—and this cannot be stressed enough—to fight as hard as you can to get the best result for your client. That is the most important thing we can do within the parameters of ethical duties that we are bound by as attorneys.

Role of a Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney

The role of any attorney is to protect the rights of the individual that they are representing, to refute incriminating evidence at trial, and to make arguments that are persuasive to convince the judge or the jury to acquit somebody.

One of the most important things an experienced attorney will do is make sure they understand what their client’s goals are, because every client has different needs and goals.

Sometimes, the client might also be willing to enter into a plea agreement versus fighting a charge. Based on this decision, the attorney will also have to either prepare the proper defense strategies, or be able to work with the prosecution to come to an agreement that both parties are amenable to. It is also important to know what the bottom line, so to speak, is for each client.  For instance, when someone is facing serious jail time, probation, or loss of license, each individual is going to have different goals and a different bottom line as to what would be an acceptable resolution given the circumstances.

Thus, from the start, knowing what the client’s goals are and whether they are seeking a plea deal or a trial is incredibly important to obtaining the desired resolution. From there, the Fairfax defense attorney will sit with them to discuss the evidence, the potential risk of going to trial, and some potential resolutions or outcomes that might happen in their case.

Commonly Asked Questions in Fairfax Cases

One of the most common things that people ask is, “What’s going to happen to me?” This is understandable because they are only thinking about the long term, which is important. A Fairfax attorney will focus people first on what the process is so that they understand the road ahead and what to expect. Then, they will discuss the potential penalties that they face. As the case moves on, the attorney will discover more information about the case, do their own investigation, and have further meetings with the client. They discuss what defenses there are to the case and what the likely outcomes or strategies they can employ to fight the case are, as well.

Other questions that are often heard from clients are how the police found the information that led to their arrest. A Fairfax criminal attorney will be able to answer their questions through their investigation. A lot of times, the attorney can anticipate what happened in a particular case because they see similar cases over and over again.

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