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Fairfax Criminal Charges For Out of State Residents

Getting charged with a crime in a jurisdiction you don’t live is always a hassle. Additionally, Virginia has very strict laws against reckless driving that differ from other states. Below, a Fairfax criminal attorney speaks on the potential ramifications of a criminal charge in Virginia, and what one should do if he or she is charged with a crime in Fairfax but actually lives in a different part of Virginia or in another state altogether.

If Charged When Visiting Fairfax From Another Part of Virginia

You should contact a Fairfax County defense attorney because the most important thing is to get advice from someone who practices in the jurisdiction in which you’re charged. A local attorney is going to understand the practices, the procedures, the laws, the judges and how they get things done in their correct jurisdiction.

Misconceptions About Fairfax Laws For People From Out of State

One of the most common misconceptions is that regarding reckless driving laws. There are not very many states that have criminal misdemeanors for speeding, but, Virginia does. As a result there are a lot of people who live out of state and happen to be traveling through Virginia and get cited for reckless driving just based on their speed.

A lot of people complain or say that they had no idea that driving fast on a highway would be a criminal misdemeanor. It’s a common misconception because it’s rare and kind of an unusual law to make speeding punishable up to 12 months in jail.

Three Most Important Things After Charged

Number one, exercise your right to remain silent and do not speak about the case to anyone except for an attorney. Number two, get a good attorney that you can trust, who will fight for you and who has experience in the jurisdiction in which you’re charged and with the type of charge that you’re facing.

And number three, make sure that you understand the process from start to finish. Make sure your attorney does a good job communicating to you, and that you understand all of your options and you ask the right questions.

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