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Steps to Take If Accused of a Criminal Offense in Fairfax

If accused of committing a crime in Virginia it is important to speak to a Fairfax criminal lawyer as soon as you are contacted by law enforcement. This is because you want to know why they are there, why are you being accused, why are they searching your house, why are they searching your car, or why are they seizing your bank accounts. An attorney can help figure out what is happening and why and can help mitigate any future damage.

The person is going to want to understand what they’re facing and whether or not an attorney can assist early on in the defense and provide ongoing advice because law enforcement can contact a person by phone, in person, or try to interview other people that might be involved or know something about the case. So, it always makes sense to contact an attorney early to understand what your rights are, how to assert your rights, and what it is that law enforcement suspects is going on.

What Should the Resident of Another State Do If Charged For a Crime in Fairfax, VA?

They should seek the advice of a Fairfax attorney because seeking the advice of an attorney from another state is not going to be helpful in any way, shape, or form. You want to get local counsel, do research on them, interview them, and then you want to meet with them before you retain them to make sure that you feel comfortable with them and with their experience dealing with these types of cases.

What Should Everyone Know About Facing Criminal Charges in Fairfax?

They need to know what the penalties are for their charges. They need to know how to contact an experienced attorney and what questions they should be asking that person, and they need to know what is expected of them as an accused. All of those questions can be answered by an attorney.

What Are the Most Important Things Someone Can Do After Being Charged With a Crime in Fairfax, VA?

Not to speak with anybody about the offense unless they hire an attorney and to only speak to their attorney about it. They need to know where the courthouse is, where and when to show up, and they need to understand what the conditions of their bail are. They also need to know what, if any, effect on their employment could happen as a result of criminal convictions. Lastly, they need to know what questions to ask their attorney specific to their case.

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