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Common Criminal Charges in Fairfax

Some of the most common criminal charges in Fairfax are simple possession of marijuana, as well as petty larceny, assault and battery, solicitation of prostitution, and public intoxication. Additionally, there are traffic offenses that could be criminal-related such as reckless driving or driving under the influence, but those matters are heard in the traffic court, which is a different court. If you have been charged with a criminal offense, contact an experienced Fairfax criminal attorney as soon as possible for the best legal counsel. A local criminal defense attorney will be able to provide better representation than another attorney, as they are familiar with all of the laws surrounding the charge, as well as have experience working with those judges and prosecutors who will be involved with your case.

Why these are More Common than other Crimes in Fairfax

Regarding possession of marijuana charges, it has become more common to see people engaging in that behavior over the last couple of decades because of the change in the law across other states. It is conceivable that people don’t find that type of drug use to be as serious as in the past or with other drug use.

Also, there could be higher enforcement level of this type of offense. Sometimes, the enforcement level of different types of crimes such as solicitation of prostitution or drug crimes comes about because there is a push coming from law enforcement with different agendas to seek out and strictly enforce certain types of laws.

In addition, there are misdemeanor or grand larceny offenses coming from certain areas in the county such as with Tysons Corner Mall. There appears to be more criminal offenses coming out of the mall possibly because of the new Metro stop and more people coming to the mall. It is not uncommon to see fluctuation in the different types of offenses that we see in court depending on the amount of law enforcement efforts that are put to enforcing the laws.

How a Fairfax Criminal Attorney can Help

If you have a private attorney who is working with you, then they will probably have a lesser caseload than a court-appointed attorney or a public defender. Likewise, they are going to have more resources that they are able to spend on your case. They may have investigators on staff like we do, who can start investigating early on to get the facts. Additionally, the attorney is going to have more time to focus on the defense if she has less cases and less clients.  Also, a lot of times, you will see that with private firms, the attorneys will have more years of experience which of course is important.

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