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The Effects of a Third Offense DUI in Prince William County

A restricted license, jail time, and the stigma of a felony record that follows you around indefinitely. These are just some of the effects of a third-offense DUI in Prince William County. While stressful and scary, there is some degree of hope. With the help of an experienced DUI attorney, you could take the proactive steps necessary to show the court that you recognize a problem you have and are working to correct it.

What Happens to a License After a Third Offense DUI?

When someone is charged with a third or subsequent DUI within 10 years, that person will have an administrative suspension of their license. This will last until their case comes to trial or is otherwise resolved. It is possible to challenge this suspension, but many people are not granted a reinstated license prior to a trial.

If someone is convicted of a DUI, 3rd or subsequent offense, they will lose their license indefinitely. They can petition to get their license reinstated after a certain amount of time has passed, as long as they have complied with all the terms of their probation, including the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program. A person will have to successfully complete a period of time on a restricted license with ignition interlock before being granted a full reinstatement of their driver’s license. The entire process often takes several years before a person who has been convicted of a third offense DUI can regain their full driver’s license privileges.

Are There Immediate Penalties Following a Third Offense DUI Charge?

There are some penalties that begin right away when someone is charged with a third offense DUI. An individual loses their ability to drive in Virginia immediately. A charged person with a Virginia license has their license administratively suspended until the time of their trial. This means they will not be able to have even a restricted license until their case is resolved.

Challenges to Contesting a Third Offense License Suspension

Prior to trial for a third offense DUI, the accused faces an administrative suspension of his or her driver’s license. Since the period before the trial can be very lengthy in a felony case, the administrative suspension of one’s license can be very disruptive. It is possible to request a hearing to determine whether there is probable cause for the administrative suspension, and also to request that the Commonwealth prove the prior charges in order to maintain the license suspension through the pendency of the case.

Applying for a Restricted License

At least three years after being convicted of a third-offense DUI, an individual may apply for a restricted license and petition the court to give them restricted driving privileges to and from work, school, and religious worship, among other locations. The person petitioning the court for a restricted license will have to get approval from the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, as well as from the Virginia DMV. They will be instructed to follow along with all the ignition interlock requirements as well. While it is possible to have a restricted license for someone who has a third offense DUI, they have a much harder time getting to that point and have to jump through numerous logistical hoops.

What Happens to Someone’s License Upon an Acquittal?

When someone is acquitted of a third offense DUI, the DMV will reinstate their license.

Mitigate the Effects of a Third Offense DUI in Prince William County Today

Many people do not realize that the effects of a third DUI charge in Prince William County are immediate. As soon as an officer issues a charge, your license and your way of life are immediately changed. To mitigate these effects and to plan for any impending court sessions, reach out to a dedicated attorney who could help.

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