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Impact of a Prince William County Third-Offense DUI

The impacts of a Prince William County third-offense DUI have ramifications that could devastate an alleged offender’s career and home life. If you were charged with a third offense, then you need to take every step imaginable to show the court that you are looking to change this pattern of behavior. Contact a legal representative for help.

The Seriousness of a Third-Offense Charge in Prince William County

In addition to being a felony with harsher penalties than a second offense DUI, a third offense DUI is treated differently from the outset. The maximum punishment for a first or second offense DUI is 12 months in jail, though there could be mandatory jail time depending on the circumstances. The maximum sentence for a third offense DUI is five years in prison and a $2,500 fine. A third offense DUI that occurs within 10 years of the first and second offenses has a mandatory jail time of 90 days, and a third offense occurring within five years of the previous offense has a mandatory jail time of 180 days.

There is no time at which someone may have their license returned to them after a third offense DUI. Their license is automatically suspended until the time of trial. If a driver is convicted of a third offense DUI, they lose their license indefinitely. It is possible for a driver to challenge it and request their license after they have demonstrated their compliance with what the court has ordered, whereas a driver convicted of their first offense loses their license for 12 months or, for a second offense, for 36 months. Drivers convicted of a third offense DUI could lose their ability to drive in Virginia forever.

Third offense DUI charges are different from the moment of the driver’s arrest. A driver charged with a third offense DUI has a more difficult time having bond set for their case than a driver charged with a misdemeanor DUI because of societal concerns surrounding DUIs. The public often assumes that a driver charged with a third offense has been convicted of two previous DUIs, has had their license suspended before, and has been through the Virginia ASAP presumably twice, and after being under all the supervision and monitoring that the court could exercise, they have still been charged with a third offense.

For such reasons, the court is extremely reluctant to let those drivers out on bond. A number of judges are hesitant to release such a driver on bond, even if the driver wears an alcohol monitoring bracelet and a GPS bracelet because there could be a danger to the community from a thrice-charged driver traveling on the roads and highways. In these instances, the impact of a Prince William County third-offense DUI cannot be understated.

Minimize the Severity of a Prince William County Third-Offense DUI

Facing a felony is a daunting task. However, it is something that you must do if you have been charged with a crime. However, some felonies are treated with more attention than others. The impact of a Prince William County third-offense DUI cannot be understated, and the charge itself is certainly regarded as one such offense. Instead of giving up, let an experienced attorney help.

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