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Benefits of a Richmond DUI Lawyer

The most common mistake people make in DUI cases is trying to handle the charges on their own. In many cases, individuals don’t understand the implications of a DUI and the punishment for the DUI. They don’t seem to understand that not only is jail time a factor, but there are also issues regarding long term driver’s license suspension, which can affect their job and their insurance.  These are the long-terms costs of a DUI.

Unfortunately, we often see individuals who think they know the law when they do not and try and handle a DUI by themselves and pay a stiff penalty that could have been avoided by contacting an experienced Richmond DUI lawyer.

Why Call A DUI Lawyer?

The main way to avoid these mistakes is to speak with an attorney and get an understanding of what the DUI laws are in Virginia. Virginia has some harshest DUI laws in the country, to understand what particular policies are used in the Richmond area and how the judges enforce them.  Furthermore, you need to understand what your legal rights are and what defenses could be available to you.

Why Local Knowledge is Important

It’s important to hire an experienced DUI attorney in the city of Richmond mainly just because the DUI laws and procedures are very complicated. You’re going to want someone that understands these procedures that has dealt with them before and knows how to build a strong defense to a DUI case.

In addition to that, you’re going to want an attorney in the city of Richmond that knows the judges and the prosecutors and understands how they prosecute a DUI case in the city. You’re also going to want an attorney that can not only look for legal defenses, but can also assist in some of the mitigating factors that can help in getting the case reduced or at least get the punishment in the case minimized.

When Should You Contact An Attorney For A DUI Case?

You should contact an attorney for DUI case almost immediately after you are released from custody.  After an individual is arrested by an officer for DUI, they’ll be taken down to the police station where they will be administered a blood alcohol test with what is called an Intoxilyzer. The results of that test will determine whether they’re charged with DUI and the level of DUI they’re charged with.

At that point in time they’ll be brought before a magistrate who will determine their bond and after their bond is determined or after they are officially charged by the magistrate, the individual will be given the opportunity to contact an attorney.

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When you call our Virginia law offices, we’ll conduct a free initial consultation, at which point you’ll have the opportunity to explain to us the circumstances that resulted in your DUI charges. The more information you can give us about how your DUI stop occurred, what the officer said, and what information you provided, the better we will be able to understand how to build a defense on your behalf.  Call us today.

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