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Pretrial Release and Bond for Richmond DUI Arrests

After a DUI arrest in Richmond, it is important for an individual to abide by the conditions of their pretrial release and their bond. So long as a person abides by their conditions they should remain free of jail until their trial. There are multiple factors that go into determining the bond and the bond conditions. There is also important documentation involved in the pretrial release and bond process. A local DUI lawyer in the Richmond area can help a person achieve a favorable or at least reasonable bond for a person who has been arrested for DUI.

Understanding Pretrial Release and Bonds

Pretrial release occurs after an arrest, when the person appears before a magistrate who sets their bond. There are several different types of bonds, the first being an unsecured or PR bond that does not require money for release. A secured bond, however, necessitates a designated amount of funds, up to the discretion of the magistrate, in order for a person to be released.

An attorney can certainly provide aid in the pretrail release process. An attorney can assist in a person’s release by appearing at the arraignment or requesting a bond hearing in front of the judge. In the latter case, the attorney can ask the court to set a reasonable bond to allow the person’s release pending trial.

Determining Bond Amount

A bond amount is determined by several factors, including what the person is charged with, how aggravated the offense was, and how the person behaved at the scene and during the incident of the alleged criminal offense. It will also be greatly determined by the accused person’s prior record, such as criminal history or any previous failures to appear before court.

When a person is released from jail, they will receive documentation outlining the terms of their bond. They will also receive documentation outlining what exactly they were charged with and their future court dates. A bond in Richmond will be posted either by the accused person, the person’s family, or a bondsman.

Failing to Comply with Pretrial Release in Richmond

Pretrial releases are almost an act of goodwill on the courts’ part. If a person does not comply with their pretrial release, it can have a very detrimental impact. Their bond will likely be revoked and the person will then have to return to jail. If the bond is not revoked, the court can also decide to intensify the conditions of the bond by doing things such as requiring more drug screenings or perhaps even requiring a higher bond.

Importance of Hiring a Lawyer After a DUI Arrest

An individual will want to speak with a lawyer immediately upon release following a DUI arrest for several reasons. First of all, they will want to be educated about their charge, including what the charge is and what sort of penalties they are facing. In addition, they would want to prepare a defense and learn how to best mitigate the punishment they could be facing. Criminal charges are never fun experiences, but a lawyer with experience may be able to help you navigate the murky waters more efficiently.

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