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Richmond DUI FAQs

Below, a DUI attorney in Richmond answers commonly asked questions about DUI cases, license suspension and bond hearings. If you have been charged, contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible for a case evaluation.

Where Are DUI Cases Heard In Richmond?

DUI cases are heard in one of two courts. In the John Marshall Courts Building off 9th St., there are two courtrooms that primarily hear DUI cases, and in the Richmond Manchester or South Side Courthouse, which is off Hull St., there is also one traffic court. These are the places where individuals facing DUI charges in Richmond will have their cases heard.

Where Are Administrative Suspension Or License Hearings Heard in Richmond?

The administrative license suspension hearings are heard in general district court. An individual needs to petition the court either in Richmond (in the John Marshall Building) or in Richmond South Side (in the Manchester Building). You need to petition the general district court to request those hearings. Speak with your DUI attorney to learn more about the steps you must take to file such a petition.

How Long Does A Richmond DUI Case Take?

DUI cases are typically set for trial in the city of Richmond within about two months of the arrest, so they do like to move these along. The process for a DUI case can move very rapidly, so it is to your advantage to contact an attorney immediately after being charged.  An attorney can obtain a continuance if necessary, whether it is the court’s procedures, to try and expedite these matters.

Can You Get a Lawyer For Richmond Bond Hearing?

You can get a lawyer for Richmond bond hearing, basically what you would need to do is contact the attorney almost immediately after you’re charged or have a family member do that. The attorney can then contact the court and commonwealth attorney to arrange for a specific bond hearing.

Are There Any Other Nuances To The Law Or Law Enforcement Practices?

Law enforcement officers in the City of Richmond are very proficient in spotting DUIs. Most of them are experienced in giving the tests and operating the BAC machines, so there are very few mistakes. In addition to that they tend to run DUI sweeps through the major roadways searching for possible DUIs.

How Is Sentencing For DUI Cases Typically Handled In Richmond?

DUI sentencing is typically handled the day of trial in the general district court. They will not continue these cases for sentencing.  The judges in the city of Richmond will impose an active jail sentence even on a first offense DUI. The one good thing with the city of Richmond is the courts there and the judges will consider alternative sentencing like weekend jail time or work release in lieu of serving a sentence straight which allows individuals to continue working while still serving their punishment.

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