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Richmond DUI Enforcement

The following is information you should know about the enforcement of DUI charges in Richmond, according to a Richmond DUI lawyer. If you have already been cited for driving under the influence call today and schedule a free consultation with an attorney.

DUI or driving under the influence in Richmond, Virginia is operating a motor vehicle on a public roadway while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Operating is being in control of the vehicle either while operating it on a roadway, having it parked while it’s running, or even having access to the vehicle’s keys while sitting in the car. It can be given on public roadways, parking lots, or even private drives.

Law enforcement officers in Richmond, Virginia strictly enforce DUI laws in the city. Due to the major roadways, the high number of young adults in the area, the ready access to alcohol through parties, bars, etc., law enforcement officers are actively monitoring the roadways for DUIs and strictly enforcing the penalties that come with it. Law Enforcement Officers typically look for indicators of DUIs with almost every stop they make.

Are DUIs An Area Of Focus For Law Enforcement Officers?

Yes. DUIs are a primary focus for officers in the city of Richmond and it’s been that way for quite some time. Again, it’s the high percentage of young adults and students in the area that they’ve made enforcing DUIs a major priority. There are also the public safety concerns due to major thoroughfares that operate through and around the city like Interstate 95 and Interstate 64. The officers in Richmond are highly trained in monitoring and enforcing DUIs.

Are DUI Checkpoints Common In Richmond?

Roadblocks or sobriety checkpoints are actually not that common in the city of Richmond, but they do occur. They typically will occur on the secondary roadways that go through the city; the police avoid using sobriety checkpoints on the major thoroughfares because of the inconvenience to the population as a whole and the traffic issues that can develop. But they do have them; they’re just not that common in the city of Richmond.

Most Common DUI Checkpoints in Richmond

The major roads that you might see a checkpoint is on Broad Street, Main Street, or possibly Staples Mill Road. They may also target roads in Carytown or in the Fan District which is heavily used by students.

How Are DUI Cases Handled In Richmond?

DUI cases in the city of Richmond are pursued vigorously. The officers are constantly on the lookout for DUI offenders. If there are any indicators of impairments when an officer stops you, they will immediately ask you if you’ve been drinking and ask you to perform field tests. They’re very active in their training to look for the indicator whether it’d be speech, your appearance, or smell. And they’re very thorough in their DUI tests to determine if in fact you are intoxicated.  If intoxicated or if you fail your tests, you will be arrested and charged with DUI.

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