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Defining Driving in Brunswick County DUI Cases

Driving is the operation of a motor vehicle. In the context of a DUI case, that could be as simple as having one’s keys in the ignition of a vehicle. Even if the car is turned off and no systems in the car are operating, it can still be considered driving if the keys are in the vehicle and the individual is on a public highway. That also includes areas adjacent to public highways such as parking lots.

Defining driving in Brunswick County DUI cases is crucial to the prosecution. If you are facing charges for a DUI, get in touch with an accomplished DUI lawyer who is experienced with building a strong defense.

Where Can a Driver be Arrested for a DUI Other Than the Road?

People can be arrested for DUIs at locations that are adjacent to a road such as parking lots near restaurants and apartment complex areas. When someone is parked in a parking spot along the road, they could be arrested for a DUI in those circumstances if the key is in the ignition of their car.

Most DUI arrests come from the actual operation of a motor vehicle on one of the public roads and highways in Brunswick County. However, it is not uncommon for people to be arrested in locations that are not directly on the road.

Law Enforcement Officers Patrol Parking Lots Near Bars and Restaurants

Law enforcement officers occasionally patrol areas where they know alcohol may be consumed in Brunswick County. This means the police will hangout near bars and restaurants to try to catch individuals who are attempting to drive after drinking.

Proving the Driving Element in a DUI Case

The prosecution needs to show the operation of a motor vehicle to reach a conviction. What is required to prove that can be quite minimal when it comes to the operation of a motor vehicle. An individual can be found guilty of driving even when their car is not running and they do not have the radio on.

That could be contested depending on the specific facts of the case when it is possible to prove that the vehicle was never in operation and at no point was the person driving along a state highway. It is important to inform the attorney of all of the facts surrounding the arrest so that anything that needs to be contested can be fully done at trial.

Contact a Brunswick County Attorney About Defining Driving in DUI Cases

An attorney who is knowledgeable about defining driving in Brunswick County DUI cases could fight for you if you are facing charges. A DUI conviction carries significant penalties and long-term repercussions. You could lose your driving privileges, face jail time, and be ordered to pay expensive fines. Therefore, you should reach out to a skilled defense lawyer right away. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner they could begin working on your defense. Let our team fight for you and protect your rights.

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