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What Happens to the Car After a Brunswick County DUI

If a person is driving alone and is arrested for a DUI, then their car will be towed and impounded. Prior to the tow, the police may search the vehicle, and they will seize any evidence of any criminal activity. This police search could lead to additional criminal charges. The driver has to pay to get their car released from the impound lot after they have been released from custody.

Read below to learn more about what happens to the car after a Brunswick County DUI. And if you have been charged with a DUI, get in touch with a seasoned DUI lawyer today.

How an Attorney Could help Retrieve a Defendant’s Vehicle

When someone is arrested for a DUI, they may get someone else to drive their vehicle back home. If a DUI lawyer can be contacted soon enough, it is possible that the attorney can get in touch with friends or family who will be able to arrive on the arrest scene and drive the vehicle away so that it is not towed and impounded. If nobody is available to drive the car away, then it will be impounded and searched by the police.

What Should a Person Bring to the Tow Lot When Retrieving their Car?

When retrieving a car from the tow lot, the individual should bring the title to their vehicle to demonstrate that they have the right to possess it. They should bring keys, a method of payment, and their driver’s license to be ready to pay in full to have their vehicle released.

At the tow lot, a person can expect that they are going to have to pay for the tow, to sign and demonstrate that they were the person who should be in proper possession of the vehicle, and they should be prepared to pay in full the fee for the impounding before their car will be released.

Police Search of the Car After a DUI

It is crucial for people to know that they do not have to consent to police searches of their vehicles. However, if a person is arrested for a DUI and their car is impounded, it may be searched by the police.

Anytime that a car is towed or impounded, that car will be searched by law enforcement. If the officer finds any illegal substances or any other evidence of criminal activity, it will likely lead to additional criminal charges.

Call a Brunswick County Lawyer About What Happens to the Vehicle After a DUI

Brunswick County lawyers will do whatever they can to help individuals retrieve their vehicle following a DUI arrest, to make sure that it is not held longer than it should be, and that it is released when they have complied with everything necessary.

If you have any questions about what happens to the car after a Brunswick County DUI, you should reach out to a knowledgeable attorney today. A dedicated lawyer could also help you retrieve your vehicle following an arrest. In addition, our team could fight for you if you are facing charges.

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