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Independent Blood and Urine Testing in Brunswick County DUI Cases

Independent blood and urine testing will either corroborate or contradict the official lab testing. Having it done by an independent agency means that it is done by a private lab that is not funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is essentially a second opinion on the results of an individual’s chemical analysis.

Independent blood and uring testing in Brunswick County DUI cases could be beneficial for a defendant. For instance, if the results showed that the defendant was not above the legal limit, then the defense could argue that the individual was not under the influence and should not be facing charges. Read below for more information about independent blood and urine testing. And if you are facing charges, reach out to an experienced DUI lawyer today.

Who Administers and Records These Tests?

Whenever independent blood or urine testing is sought, then the defendant must obtain the services of a private lab. Whoever the defendant hires to do that independent testing will be the party who administers and records the tests. Independent blood and uring testing in Brunswick County must be administered by a qualified professional, such as a physician.

A Defense Attorney Might Suggest an Independent Blood or Urine Test

Anytime a DUI defendant suggests to their attorney that the blood alcohol content or drug content of their blood was inaccurate, then a defense attorney is likely to seek independent testing to get a more accurate result. The lawyer could then use the results as evidence for the defense.

Blood and Urine Tests as Evidence in DUI Court

If an appropriate private lab is consulted for the testing, then evidence of independent analysis should always be admitted into court unless the deadlines were ignored.

Anytime an independent analysis is performed, the person performing that testing can expect to be brought into court as an expert. If not called by the defense, the prosecution will likely want to examine the credentials of the independent tester and have an opportunity to confirm that analysis. This expert witness could be essential to a person’s defense.

Call a Brunswick County Attorney About Independent Blood and Urine Testing in DUI Cases

Any other evidence that a Brunswick County lawyer might want to acquire is going to depend on the specific facts of the case. It is imperative to share all relevant information with the attorney as soon as possible so that the attorney could investigate possible defenses and determine whether that evidence might be necessary for a successful defense.

Independent blood and urine testing in Brunswick County cases could be crucial to one’s defense. If you are facing DUI charges, you should get in touch with an accomplished defense lawyer right away. A dedicated attorney could review your case and decide what steps you should take. A lawyer could also protect your rights and fight for you throughout the legal process. Call today and set up a consultation. The sooner you obtain an attorney, the sooner they could begin building a strong defense for you.

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