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What Happens After a DUI Arrest in Brunswick County

After a person is arrested for a DUI, they will be taken to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office in Lawrenceville, Virginia. The individual will be processed and booked. Also, the person will be subject to undergo a breath test. If a breath test is not appropriate, they may be taken to the hospital for a blood draw. Following this, they will be taken to a magistrate to have the arrest warrant issued and served upon them, and the magistrate will determine whether or not they are free to go, held without bond, or able to be released once sober.

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Can a Person Refuse to Submit a Blood or Breath Test?

An individual can always refuse to submit to a blood or breath test in Brunswick County. However, if they do, they will face consequences. If they refuse to submit to chemical analysis, then the consequence of that is a civil offense in which their license to drive in Virginia is suspended for one year, and they will not be eligible for a restricted license. Subsequent refusal offenses are criminal matters.

Contacting an Attorney Following a DUI Arrest

A person should contact an attorney for their DUI case as soon as they get arrested. Information will be fresh in their head and they will have a more accurate recollection of what led to the arrest. They can provide their attorney as much information as soon as possible when they get in contact with an attorney immediately following an arrest.

Some officers will allow them to contact an attorney before being arrested. Most of the time, they will not have the opportunity to call a lawyer until they have been arrested and brought before a magistrate. If they have the chance to be taken before a magistrate, under some circumstances, they will allow them to have an attorney present during that first appearance and bond hearing.

Steps to Take After an Arrest

By understanding what happens after a DUI arrest in Brunswick County, the individual will know what steps to take. When someone is first arrested, their license is going to be suspended for seven days. It is an administrative suspension that cannot be challenged and immediately follows the arrest.

It is crucial that they not drive during those seven days because anytime they are pulled over for driving when their license has been administratively suspended, it will result in a new misdemeanor charge. It is also imperative to consult with an attorney as soon as possible during those days so that they can begin building their defense against this serious case.

Formal Review Hearing Process

In some circumstances, the court might hold a hearing for the restoration of someone’s driving privileges or for deciding on a petition for a restricted license. That process is much like any other court hearing. The court will review the petition for the restricted license or for the reasons why they want restoration of their driving privileges. If they lose one of these hearings, depending on which court they are in, they have some appellate rights that they can pursue.

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