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Brunswick County DUI Effects on Out of State Licenses 

Being charged with a DUI can be a very stressful experience but, it becomes even more stressful if you are charged with a DUI in a different state. Not only do individuals have to deal with getting their legal affairs in order, they must also figure out the specifics of addressing the DUI charge, and learn what the possible Brunswick DUI effects on out-of-state licenses can be.

A knowledgeable local DUI attorney can not only explain the effects a Brunswick DUI will have on you and your license, they will also be familiar with local DUI laws and can defend you in court. If you do face Brunswick DUI charges, it is best to get in touch with a lawyer right away.

Prosecution Treatment

There is always a concern by law enforcement and by the prosecution that someone who is licensed out-of-state and gets a DUI in Brunswick County may not come back for trial. When individuals are arrested and charged with driving under the influence and taken before the magistrate, they may be given a secured bond in amounts high enough to ensure they reappear for court.

One of the major Brunswick DUI effects on out-of-state licenses is how difficult it can be to get their license back from the administrative suspension. The law enforcement representative takes an individual’s license for seven days and gives it to the local general district court in Brunswick County.

National Driver Registry

The National Driver Register (NDR) is a database of information about drivers whose licenses were revoked or suspended, or drivers who were convicted of serious traffic violations such as driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

In Brunswick County, the authorities run an individual’s criminal record and their driving record nationally for every pending DUI charge or driving while suspended operator’s license. They can find everything historically that an individual is charged and convicted with nationally.

Some states have different lengths of time that charges are kept as records. So, that can be a positive thing if a charge goes off an individual’s record. However, a DUI is a criminal charge and stays on a person’s criminal record indefinitely unless the person is found not guilty and goes through an expungement process.

How DUI Laws in Brunswick Differ From Nearby Jurisdictions

Brunswick and the nearby jurisdictions and neighboring counties are in the middle range as far as punishment, as far as how seriously DUIs, particularly DUI firsts, are taken.

There are some jurisdictions nearby locally that are not willing to do anything other than convict someone despite their individual circumstances. Brunswick, given the right circumstances, can occasionally work with an attorney and a client to give an outcome that is different than a conviction.

In Brunswick, the prosecutors offer a person’s previous record to the court in almost every sentencing. That conviction and any other previous convictions including traffic and criminal are taken into consideration by the court. When there is a charge similar to a DUI but with a lesser standard of evidence or negative behavior, it is not given the same negative weight as having a previous DUI at a higher BAC level.

Benefit of an Attorney

Having a Brunswick DUI attorney is helpful in a number of ways. A local lawyer will know Brunswick DUI effects on out-of-state licenses. They can help an out-of-state driver keep from having to return for an advisement date.

In Brunswick County, when an individual is arrested, they go before a magistrate and hopefully get a bond. If the person lives out-of-state, they are given a court date usually within the next several days to be back in Brunswick County and go before the court to be advised of their right to an attorney.

It can be inconvenient when an individual is arrested and spends time in jail being processed or going in front of the magistrate. When someone is from out-of-state, they must make arrangements to get back home. The last thing they want to do is come back to Brunswick County within a few days. That presents problems with work schedules and family obligations. A local attorney can appear on the individual’s behalf at the advisement date and start working to prepare for trial so the only appearance the individual must make is their trial date for the DUI.

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