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Substance Abuse Evaluations in Fredericksburg DUI Cases

Substance abuse evaluations in Fredericksburg DUI cases involve a series of panels and questionnaires detailing an individual’s past behavior and experiences as well as their responses to substances and experiences.The intended purpose of a substance abuse evaluation is to determine what steps are appropriate and necessary to help an individual to overcome unhealthy or dangerous behaviors. A discussion will take place between the practitioner who is experienced in evaluating those tests and the individual evaluated regarding their likelihood for long-term substance abuse and addictive behaviors. If an individual who wants to know more about substance abuse evaluations and how they could affect someone’s DUI case, a skilled DUI lawyer could answer their questions.

Who Decides Whether an Evaluation is  Necessary or Not?

A judge or probation officer will request the substance abuse evaluation after conviction or even before a conviction. An individual has the choice to complete a substance abuse evaluation privately before appearing in court. There are many times that the court will order a substance abuse evaluation through the probation and parole department as part of an individual’s requirements after they are convicted or even before.  An evaluation may also be a requirement for a bond. It is often a good idea for someone to seek substance evaluation privately in order to address their legal issues head-on.

The People Responsible for Administering Substance Abuse Evaluations

Substance abuse evaluations in Fredericksburg DUI cases are administered by a private practitioner who has experience and expertise in various types of addiction and substance abuse and has experience advising courses of action for individuals to undertake to benefit them. They also have the ability to testify in court on an individual’s behalf in appropriate circumstances. A substance abuse evaluator will be either a psychologist or a licensed clinical therapist who practices in substance abuse evaluation.

Consequences of an Evaluation

In cases where a substance abuse assessment indicates a high probability of a pattern of abuse, the evaluator will recommend a course of education and sometimes therapy to assist the person in dealing with that behavior. If a substance abuse therapist feels that evaluation indicates addictive behavior, they may have a recommendation for more intense requirements such as a longer period of therapy or a digital education. But the courts would still consider some combination of education and therapy and even the possibility of an intensive inpatient program to assist in recovery.

In certain situations with serious addictions, law enforcement may look into intensive out-patient programs or in-patient therapy to address long-term concerns. A substance abuse evaluation that indicates a low probability for future problems and low recommendation for education or treatment will speak highly in a person’s favor and show that they are on the right track.  This is not an individual who the court needs to be concerned about for the long-term.

Benefits of Completing Substance Abuse Evaluation in Fredericksburg

There are both personal and legal benefits to completing substance abuse evaluations in Fredericksburg DUI cases. Someone who is in trouble with substances or who is developing an addiction or experiencing an addiction can benefit more by addressing their problem with substances than by anything else they can do. Additionally, someone who has those issues and is addressing them are helping their legal case in a more positive way than they can do by any other course of action. If an individual wants to know more about the benefits of substance abuse evaluations, they should consult a seasoned lawyer that could answer their questions.

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