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Fredericksburg DUI Arraignment

A DUI/DWI charge in the state of Virginia can be intimidating, especially for first-time offenders. Most DUI cases may lead to an arraignment following the initial arrest. A Fredericksburg DUI arraignment is an initial court appearance for the judge to determine that the person understands what charges they are facing and to let them know they have the right to have an attorney appear with them at their next court date.

By contacting a skilled DUI attorney prior to your arraignment date, you could learn more about the charges you may be facing and be more prepared to face an initial court appearance.

Time Between an Initial Arrest and an Arraignment

In Fredericksburg, the time between an arrest and the arraignment in court depends on the status of the defendant. If an individual is incarcerated, they have to appear for their arraignment as soon as the court is in session. An individual who is not incarcerated may not appear for a Fredericksburg DUI arraignment for several days or even weeks.

After an arrest, an individual is asked to submit to a breathalyzer test and appear in front of a magistrate who determines whether or not to set a bond based on the offense and the individual’s ties in the community. The magistrate evaluates whether that person is at risk of leaving the area before their court date or poses any danger to the community.

What Happens at an Arraignment?

At an arraignment for a driving under the influence charge, the judge conducts a routine method for the arraignment. The defendant needs to appear at this arraignment so the court is satisfied they have full knowledge of the charges. The following are all components of an initial hearing that a judge should use:

  • Confirms that the defendant knows what they have been charged with
  • Confirms that the defendant knows they have a right to an attorney
  • Asks if there is a plan for the defendant to hire an attorney or if they would like to opt for a court-appointed one
  • Informs the defendant of the next court date

The judge at Fredericksburg DUI arraignment may also require proof an attorney prior to the next court date depending on the case.

Setting Bail During a Fredericksburg DUI Arraignment

Fredericksburg judges set bail during the arraignment of a DUI case by looking at a number of factors. There are no limitations on the amount that a judge may set bail, and the judge may have other requirements rather than a monetary amount set.

Most judges prefer cases where a bond is required to have some combination of monetary bond and pretrial supervision. For this type of supervision, officers are generally assigned to a defendant until the next court date. Many in the legal community prefer this method to paid bonds as this enforces more accountability of the defendants.

Contacting a Virginia DUI Attorney

Dealing with a potential arraignment hearing in Fredericksburg could be frustrating without the guidance of proper legal counsel. By reaching out to a successful Virginia DWI lawyer today, you may be able to reach a suitable course of action for facing a DUI charge.

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