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Manassas Robbery Arraignments

Manassas robbery arraignments are a very quick procedure. The person who has been arrested stands in front of a judge and the judge tells them what they are being charged with, that they have a right to hire a lawyer, and what the trial date is.

The Commonwealth Office is not even involved. If you have been charged with robbery and now are facing an arraignment, work with a qualified robbery attorney that could work diligently to get you released following your arraignment.

Filing for Bond

Working on a scenario where a defendant was held in custody on suspicion and being charged with robbery, the next step that an attorney would try to do is to file a bond motion to get that person out. When determining whether someone should receive bond or not, the court may look at certain factors. These factors include whether someone is a flight risk or not, whether they are a danger to the public or to themselves, and what are their ties to the community.

What is a Flight Risk?

When determining whether someone is a flight risk or not, the courts examine whether the person might leave everything, travel somewhere, and evade justice or, do they have strong ties to the community that would bring them back or make them stay in front of the judge and in the trial.

An example of a flight risk would be a fairly well-to-do businessman or any person in town for just a couple of days, does not know anybody in the area, does not have any ties to the community, and travels frequently. That person is probably somebody who is a flight risk. For that reason, they may be denied bond in that scenario.

Danger to the Public

Someone might be considered a danger to the public, if the robbery was very violent, people were injured, and the defendant has a history of mental health issues or domestic violence. If there is any risk of the defendant hurting people once they are released, then they are considered a danger to the public and are less likely to be released following Manassas robbery arraignments. Judges always take that point very seriously. They are always very sensitive to scenarios where it looks like the defendant is going to hurt others because they have done it before.

Danger to themselves

Besides a person being designated as a danger to the public, a person could also be considered a danger to themselves. For instance, the robber or the defendant in the case may be a heavy substance abuse individual and if kept inside, could receive needed treatment without resorting to substance use. Judges worry about that, too. Judges often feel that if the individual were to hurt themselves upon release, that they would be culpable as well.

Bond Hearing Process

The way the bond hearings happen is the moving party, which is the defense attorney, would put the facts further on the table and argue to the judge to grant a bond to the defendant. Then the Commonwealth is going to take their turn. There could be an agreement beforehand, so the Commonwealth office could agree to some bond beforehand or feel strongly that that person should not be granted a bond. For that reason, they may fight a little harder to convince the judge that that person should not be granted bond.

Value of a Manassas Robbery Lawyer

If you have been charged with robbery, you may have a lot of questions about what your next steps should be. Manassas robbery arraignments can be confusing and overwhelming, which is why it is important to seek the services of an experienced robbery attorney. Your robbery lawyer could file a bond motion on your behalf and argue that you are not a flight risk, in order to secure your release. Consult an attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.

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