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Manassas Robbery Indictments

Manassas robbery indictments are considered protections to ensure probable cause to hold or charge the accused individual. Before proceeding with your case, it can be critical to speak with an established robbery lawyer about your defense. A determined theft attorney can help you prepare a strong presentation for trial that supports your desired outcome.

Common Robbery Offenses in Manassas

Virginia only has one robbery statute that covers every form of the offense such as home invasion, street crime, or bank robbery. For that reason, a lot of robbery charges are downgraded to larceny or trespass charges. The bigger scenarios or the more severe scenarios, such as bank robberies and home invasions, would stay as robbery the way it is.

Outlining the Indictment Process?

The most common form of Manassas robbery indictments begins with an individual’s arrest, followed by a police report or somebody calling regarding what happened. The police would issue an arrest warrant. After that, the person would appear in front of the magistrate and an indictment would take place.

In that scenario, they do not have the protection of a grand jury hearing the case and then deciding it. It is a way the Virginia system put together to protect a defendant if charged the old way with an officer taking out a warrant for their arrest.

What is are Direct Manassas robbery indictments?

A direct indictment is where a defendant is indicted in circuit court by a grand jury. The grand jury will then hear the facts of the case before the individual’s official arrest.

Manassas Robbery Indictments Prior to Arrest

Indictments before an arrest commonly occur in big cases where an investigation has been going on and no arrest has taken place. The police have typically worked on this type of case for months and finally have a suspect in mind. Indicting prior to arrest gives law enforcement the opportunity to present their evidence to the commonwealth attorney. The other way a Manassas robbery indictments occur is an initial street arrest followed by a probable cause hearing.

What is the Indictment Process?

The Manassas robbery indictments process often depends on the nature of the case. How the case is handled will depend on how complicated it is and how invested the attorneys are. It is stated as slightly general statements.

Seeking the Help of a Robbery Lawyer

Robbery carries the potential of a life sentence in prison if someone is convicted. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely when selecting counsel in a case like this. The accused should seek out the assistance of an attorney who has significant experience in Manassas robbery indictments. They should be looking for an attorney who is familiar with the local judges, prosecutors, and police officers. When facing a serious theft charge, the accused should contact a lawyer they believe can give them peace of mind when planning their defense.

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