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Negotiating Robbery to Theft in Manassas

Robbery refers to the forceful taking of someone’s property. It is a serious offense and depending on the facts of the case, it could even result in a felony conviction. However, there are things you and your lawyer could do to mitigate the severity of the charges that you face. In the event that you have been charged with a robbery offense, speak with a qualified robbery attorney that could begin the process of negotiating robbery to theft in Manassas.

Differences Between Robbery and Theft

The main difference between robbery and theft is twofold. The first is that robbery entails a crime that takes place in the presence of the complainant. Theft does not necessarily take place in the presence of the alleged victim. The second is that it involves either the use of force or the threat of force. A regular theft does not involve force or the threat of force, but a robbery always will.

This is not the kind of situation where someone comes home to find that they have had something taken from them. It is not something that happens outside of their presence that they are going to learn about later. It is something that happens to them and that makes it more serious. The element of someone being physically harmed or threatened with physical harm makes it more serious than a regular theft charge which is why negotiating robbery to theft in Manassas is necessary.

Determining Whether or Not to Take Plea Deals

A lawyer may encourage someone to take a plea deal under circumstances where they believe a negotiated outcome with the government is more favorable or less risky than taking their case to trial. If the attorney believes that there is a significant risk in taking the case to trial and that risk can be mitigated by having an agreed upon outcome so that the defendant knows exactly what will happen in their case, they may recommend a plea agreement under those circumstances.

Situations Where an Attorney Could Negotiate Robbery Down to Theft

There are two primary things that make a difference when negotiating robbery to theft in Manassas. The first one is going to be any mitigation that attorneys can bring to bear. That means any sort of community service or other things that the defendant has done which might help mitigate the case. The second one is the most important one, which is anything the attorney can do to build a defense in the case to make it more likely that they are able to get a good plea agreement. Prosecutors respond directly to any kind of anxiety that they might not win the case, so building a good defense is the best way to a good plea agreement.

Importance of Seeking Legal Guidance

Theft is a very serious crime. Virginia has a very low standard for what kind of theft is considered to be a felony. Anyone charged with stealing an item that has a value of $200 or more will be facing a felony charge in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Even if a person is charged with misdemeanor theft, it can cause a person to lose their job or make it difficult for them to be hired in the future because it is considered to be a crime that involves dishonesty.

When a person contacts a criminal lawyer about robbery charges, it is important to have all of their paperwork with them. Anything that they have been given by the police can help their lawyer know right away what the person has been charged with, what their bond status is, and if any evidence has been compiled that the person can share at an initial meeting.

Consulting a Manassas Robbery Attorney

A person should contact a criminal lawyer as soon as they know that they are under investigation before criminal offense or when they know that they have been charged with a criminal offense. There are a number of things that an attorney can encourage a person to do early in the case, which is going to proactively help the case going forward. In addition, there are a number of common mistakes that people make, which a lawyer is going to assist them in avoiding. If a person wants to know more about negotiating robbery to theft in Manassas, they should consult an accomplished robbery lawyer that could help them determine whether negotiation is right for them.

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